Dillon Danis greets fans ‘Good Morning’ with new Logan Paul’s fiancée Nina Agdal photo amid ongoing lawsuit

Dillon Danis, a controversial figure in combat sports, seems determined to continue stirring controversy with provocative posts on social media. Once again, he is making headlines involving Logan Paul and his fiancée, Nina Agdal, despite his recent legal entanglements.

Despite being embroiled in a lawsuit, Danis has shared yet another post on social media related to Logan Paul and Nina Agdal.

Dillon Danis began posting photos of Nina Agdal once more.

Dillon Danis is once again looking to get in trouble with his “Good Morning” post. In a provoking way, Danis dragged a photo of Nina Adgal on his social media. Despite facing the law suit for the same kind of defaming incident, Dillon’s “Good Morning post” has been shared on social media.

Earlier, the same thing happened when the 30-year-old shared a fake AI picture of Logan Paul’s fiancée on social media, and she suffered a lot of trouble due to that defamation. She had to file a case against him, and Dillon Danis has been receiving court calls and regular visits from lawyers.

This defamation case has impacted his fan base, dropping below the 1 million mark from his previous 1 million followers. However, Adgal has faced significant criticism and trolling, marking this as a harassment-provoking act from the former MMA fighter.

Dillon Danis’ action disappoints boxing fans.

Now, once again, there is a post of Nina Adgal with another guy in the picture. This time, it seems fans are not falling for this fake entertainment, as they are making serious comments about Danis.

One fan called Danis a “Shameless Keyboard Warrior” character who uses the keyboard to fight only.

A fan looked irritated with the way Dillon Danis was trying to get attention and said, “Oh, fucking hell, not again.”

Another fan took a dig at Dillon saying that he’s trying to get the attention of fans as no one is interested in his match-ups anymore. “Bro is trying to become relevant again [crying emoji].”

Another fan said to just stay away from matters and don’t dig into this anymore.

Due to this behavior, Dana White made a big comment about Dillon Danis regarding his UFC debut, saying, ”Every time he’s [Dillon Danis] around, s**t’s going down. You know what I mean? We can’t have that stuff going on here, and we can’t.” via Sportskeeda.

What are your thoughts on Dillon Danis once again dragging Nina Adgal’s name to his social media profile?


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