When will Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s Manchester United takeover be announced?

The Manchester United takeover saga is still ongoing, despite many thinking that an end to it had already occurred. After months of battling for the club, Sheikh Jassim left the race, with British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe winning.

The CEO of INEOS is yet to be announced as the winner of the bid, which he managed to obtain thanks to some clever strategy. Fans of the club are still anxious to see the Glazers finally end their dominion over the club and have been waiting for news of the takeover every day, which seems to have finally been announced.

When will Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s Manchester United takeover be announced?

In order to beat all the other competitors, Sir Jim Ratcliffe restructured his bid to make sure the Glazers preferred it. He let go of his initial bid for the entire club, instead offering to buy a minority stake. He will own 25 percent of the club and will pay between £1.35 and 1.5 billion.

This means the Glazers will stay with the club, though all of the sporting decisions, such as transfers, management and many other decisions related to the team, will be given to Sir Jim Ratcliffe. He also has a clause that will eventually let him undertake a full buyout of the club.

Despite many weeks passing by with Ratcliffe left as the only bidder, there have been no signs, or confirmation of the deal. No announcements were made as well from the club. However, that is about to change very fast.

According to journalist Mark Kleinman, the announcement of the sale is expected next week, though there is a chance of delaying it as well. Both parties are hugely confident that they can settle this within next week after agreeing on a final price of $33 per share, which could mean a final price of £1.25 billion.

INEOS will complete the deal, which will earn the company two seats on the Manchester United board. However, Sir Jim Ratcliffe is not expected to take any of those seats. He will have greater voting rights as part of the deal.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe yet to decide on Mason Greenwood future

Mason Greenwood, who has long been out of action for Manchester United, could make a sensational return, with Sir Jim Ratcliffe thinking about whether to bring him back or not. Mason was suspended after he was arrested due to allegations of domestic abuse, which were later dropped. Since then, he has not played a single minute for the club, despite many fans asking him to be reinstated into the team.

He is instead on loan to Spanish side Getafe, where he has impressed. Some other clubs are now interested in him, with United also looking to move on from the player next summer.

But now he has a chance to stay, with Sir Jim already discussing it with his team. They have concluded that a final decision will be taken after the whole season is over, and his performances with Getafe will be evaluated. Based on that, it will be decided whether he will be sold or kept at the club.

So, it remains to be seen if Sir Jim Ratcliffe will be finally announced as the new decision-maker of the club in the upcoming week, with fans around the world patiently waiting.

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