Which NFL Super Bowl defeat hurt Tom Brady the most during his time at Patriots?

Tom Brady defied all odds as a sixth-round draft pick in 2000 and made his mark as one of the greatest stars in the NFL. His remarkable journey from obscurity to superstardom is proof to his unparalleled skill and dedication. Brady’s legacy is synonymous with success, particularly on the grandest stage of the Super Bowl.

Despite his numerous triumphs, Brady was not immune to defeat. The former NFL quarterback had to digest several losses in the Super Bowl. However, one of those losses has remained as the worst nightmare for him.

Which Super Bowl loss Tom Brady regrets the most?

Tom Brady candidly expressed his disbelief and frustration over the particular loss in the Super Bowl 42 clash against the New York Giants. In the documentary series, The Dynasty, TB12 said if he could change one game in history, it would undoubtedly be that one.

“I was like, what the f**k. That year we dominated, we destroyed teams. How did we lose? If there’s one game in history, I’d change, it’s that game. But you can’t change it. I think what you realize about football and about life is you never have it quite mastered. It was a tough lesson for me to learn,” Brady said.

The 2007 season had seen the Patriots achieve a perfect regular record of 16-0, entering the playoffs as formidable favorites. Despite the Giants being considered underdogs, they capitalized on momentum from three consecutive playoff victories and sealed an upset.

The Giants’ defense, led by Eli Manning, executed a ferocious pass rush that left Brady sacked five times and under constant pressure throughout the game. The result was a 17-14 victory for the Giants, with Manning earning the MVP honors for his two-touchdown performance.

To add an insult to the injury, the Patriots entered the campaign with the feat of back-to-back Super Bowl wins. So, the loss not only denied them a perfect season but also shattered their dream of achieving the first-ever Super Bowl three-peat. Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City Chiefs are now eyeing to achieve the feat, which Tom Terrific never could earn.

Tom Brady’s record at NFL Super Bowl

Tom Brady had 10 Super Bowl appearances throughout his 23-season career and secured seven titles in those campaigns. His Super Bowl odyssey began in 2002 with Super Bowl XXXVI, where he led the Patriots to victory over the St. Louis Rams and earned his first Super Bowl MVP title. From there, TB12 went on to secure titles in Super Bowl XXXVIII, XXXIX, XLIX, LI, LIII, and LV.

The Birmingham City FC owner’s final Super Bowl triumph came in 2021, as his Tampa Bay Buccaneers squad faced off against the Kansas City Chiefs. Brady’s performance was stellar, throwing for 201 yards and three touchdowns in an incredible 31–9 victory.

Tom Brady
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Two of Tom Terrific’s three Super Bowl defeats came at the hands of the New York Giants. The first one was at the end of the 2007 campaign. Brady’s Patriots squad and the Giants faced off against each other again in Super Bowl XLVI, with the Giants coming out on top for a second time. His third Super Bowl defeat came in 2018, when the Pats went down to the Philadelphia Eagles. The ex-NFL star has also avoided breaking the infamous record for the most Super Bowl losses by a QB which still belongs to former Buffalo Bills Jim Kelly with four defeats.

Tom Brady has secured a record five Super Bowl MVP titles for Super Bowl XXXVI, XXXVIII, XLIX, LI, and LV. The veteran also possesses three NFL MVP awards to his name won during his 23-year long career.


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