Who is Alijah Arenas son of ex-Grizzlies player scoring 50 points but failed to impress NBA fans?

Many veterans aspire for their children to follow in the footsteps of their fathers. Just like Alijah Arenas who is the son of a former Memphis Grizzlies star. The Chatsworth Chancellor’s young star has been following in his father’s footsteps by displaying great potential in his high school basketball career.

In a recent video highlight, Alijah has continued to dazzle on the court by scoring massive points in a match-up. However, the NBA fans seem unimpressed, as the young star has yet to make a professional NBA debut.

Who is Alijah Arenas?

The NBA community is familiar with Gilbert Arenas, who was nicknamed ‘Agent Zero.’ Now, many are getting used to his son, Alijah. Alijah, hailing from Chatsworth, California, is a 6-foot-5 star point guard known for his exceptional quickness and scoring ability. These skills have earned him a spot among the top recruits in the 2026 class, and he is widely regarded as having a promising future in the NBA.

Alijah Arenas
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Alijah, who is also highly projected to be the possible first-round pick in the 2027 NBA draft, tops the 2027 SG rankings, though in a tie with Trent Perry with a 6-4 score. His positive projections have labeled him a possible “next big thing” in the NBA, which might see him surpass his father, who has achieved a lot since being drafted into the Golden State Warriors in 2001.

NBA community not impressed with Alijah Arenas skills

Alijah Arenas has managed to show everyone what he is capable of on the court among his peers, but the NBA fans seem not to believe that his skills are good enough for the NBA. In a recent video posted on X by NBA Central with the caption “Gilbert Arenas’ son, Alijah Arenas, just scored 50 points,” with eyeballs and fire emojis, the young star was seen making it look easy to score on the court.

While Alijah may be enjoying his game at the current level, some fans are not impressed with his skills and doubt whether they are suitable for a professional match-up.

A certain fan doubted Alijah’s performance against an organized NBA defense. The fan posted a reply tweet saying, “Not against NBA defense.”

Another fan added that the competition is not tough enough for him, and he has a long way to go. The fan said, “Come on, look at the competition he’s playing against. Let’s see him play against some top comp then brag about if he’s dropping 50. He’s got a long way to go!”

Though Alijah will not be drafted now to prove his doubters wrong, time will surely be the answer. Or do you think the young star is ready for the NBA? share in the comments section.

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