Who is basketball phenom Mikey Williams avoiding jail time after he pleads guilty to felony count?

Sometimes basketball players do get involved in controversies, which lead to an abrupt end to a beautiful basketball career. Mikey Williams, the point guard for the Memphis Tigers in the American Athletic Conference, had long been sidelined from the team’s roster due to court charges.

In the wake of Mikey Williams surprisingly avoiding possible jail time after the court’s decision, the young star has been found guilty of a case considered minor.

Who is Mikey Williams?

Mikey Williams, the Memphis Tigers star, was born on 26 June 2004 to parents, that also had interests in sports. Mikey’s father Mahlon, played for Sweetwater High School in California, while his mother, Charisse, was a softball player in high school (Kearny High School in San Diego) and college (Hampton University).

Meet Mikey Williams who is a basketball phenom, who is avoiding jail time after he pleads guilty to felony count.
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The 6 ft. 3 San Diego-born young star, after attending the San Ysidro High School, transferred to the Vertical Academy, an extension of Lake Norman Christian High School. Williams, before starting high school, had amassed over a million Instagram followers. After his freshman year of high school, he had garnered around 2 million followers on Instagram, high profile Rapper Drake, NBA star LeBron James and Kevin Durant among the followers.

On 22 July 2021, Mikey signed a contract with Excel Sports Management, in which he pursued name, likeness, and image endorsement. Additionally, on 28 October 2021, Mikey signed a multi-year deal with a renowned shoe brand Puma, at just 17 years, to become the first American high school player to attain such a feat.

Mikey Williams pleads guilty

Mikey Williams, recently pleaded guilty to just one count of making criminal threats in connection to a March shooting, as per Amber Coakley of Fox 5 San Diego. In a tweet @SLAMonline said, “Mikey Williams has pleaded guilty to a single count of making criminal threats. The charge will be reduced to a misdemeanor if Mikey completes anger and gun safety courses before his sentencing date, of August 24th, 2024.”

According to a viral clip, Williams was seen with a group of friends outside the court, where he expressed his relief after finally getting through the controversial case. Mikey Williams also stated how excited he is to get back to the court. In April, Mikey was arrested after San Diego authorities received a report of a shooting incident outside his home on March 27. According to reports, a dispute occurred, leading to the departure of a group of five, and multiple gunshots were reportedly fired at the group’s vehicle as it drove away.

Furthermore, Williams was charged with five counts of assault with a gun and one charge of firing into a vehicle of people. The prosecutors filed three more charges in October, which he pleaded not guilty after the first charge in April.

Following the case, the Memphis Tigers had back in September released a statement that Mikey would be on the sideline from the team, without access to basketball facilities, until his legal proceedings are concluded. With Williams’ case getting sorted out, the young star’s impactful return to the court could be looming.

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