Who is Brevin Randle suspended for misconduct during the NCAA Football game between UTEP vs LA Tech?

Brevin Randle, who is primarily recognized for his abilities and contributions in college football, put himself in the middle of a contentious situation when his exuberance became physical. The entire football community was outraged by a video that has been making the rounds on social media since the event, calling for severe punishment for his dishonest behavior.

The authorities, however, are quite strict about upholding player discipline and a code of conduct, therefore it did not take long for the authorities to announce a severe punishment for the player.

 Who is Brevin Randle?

Brevin Randle is Louisiana Tech’s star linebacker. The standout linebacker for Louisiana Tech is Brevin Randle. His 46 tackles rank second on the squad. Prior to that, he spent four years as a player for the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks Randle.

Randle played for the Lumberjacks in four games in 2022, recording 14 tackles overall with one being a tackle for loss. In his debut season with the Bulldogs, he has 46 tackles and two sacks in six games.

The linebacker recently made headlines for outrageously stomping on UTEP offensive tackle Steven Hubbard’s head during the play on Friday during the 24-10 victory over UTEP.

Brevin Randle
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Officials were preoccupied with determining who had control of the football after a pileup, so they failed to flag Randle.

 LA Tech coach issues statement on Brevin Randle suspension

Brevin Randle was given an extended ban for his horrible crime on Saturday after the play’s footage went viral on social media and the authorities looked into his actions.

Eric Wood, the athletic director at Louisiana Tech, and coach Sonny Cumbie both told their linebacker about the suspension, according to a statement made public on Saturday night. Wood also assured that Randle accepted his wrongdoing because Hubbard was much hurt.

“In speaking with Brevin, he acknowledges that his action was wrong and understands the consequence of that action. Our university, athletic department, and football program believe in culture, class, and competitive excellence, and in no way was that displayed in that moment.”

Even though the players frequently experience high levels of pressure and emotions, they must preserve the principles of professionalism and fair play that are fundamental to the sports spirit.


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