Who is cancer survivor Sophia Nieves, invited to the Chiefs vs. Bears NFL game by star QB Justin Fields?

After blossoming into an electrifying playmaker last season, the Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields has already cemented his place at the top as one of the best rushing quarterbacks of all time. He took over second place for quarterbacks in yards gained on the ground, surpassing the 1,143 yard mark in the NFL all-time chart.

While all the cameras are set to record another breathtaking season from the quarterback, the sensational player’s eyes are on his little fan Sophia Nieves, who is undergoing the hardest period of her life.

Who is Sophia Nieves?

Since she was a young child, Sophia Nieves has been a devoted supporter of the Bears and has enjoyed watching them play. After undergoing a Leukemia diagnosis at the age of only 10, the 12-year-old girl’s life journey experienced a significant challenge. The news that she was suffering from cancer came as a bolt from the blue for the young Bears’ fan. Instead of losing hope, Sophia decided to fight against the disease while her parents Yesenia and Adam have been in her support since the diagnosis of her condition.

Nieves has already been through two years of harsh chemotherapy. In addition to her parents, Advocate Children’s Hospital stood at her side as she battled cancer, offering first-rate care and support.

Justin Fields

Sophia’s mother honored the group of doctors, nurses, and therapists of the hospital who always provided mental support to her little fairy to battle with the disease.

“As difficult as it was for us to understand what was going on, to explain it to her was probably the hardest, but with the team they have here, they just made it so much easier.”

All cancer sufferers continue to look up to Sophia as an inspiration, and her admirers dream of the day when she will finally be out of all the danger of cancer.

Justin Fields invites cancer survivor to Chiefs vs. Bears game

According to the NFL schedule, the Chicago Bears are scheduled to face the Kansas City Chiefs on September 25, 2023. However, this match will be a spectacular one for the little girl Sophia who got an invitation from the Bears legendary player Justin Fields.

Fields forwarded a brief video with a charming invitation to the young cancer patient and her family to attend the Bears’ game against the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.

“What’s up Sophia? It’s Justin Fields. Congrats on ringing the bell. I hear you’re a big Bears fan and turning 13 next month, so I wanted to invite you and your family out to Kansas City to cheer us on at Arrowhead Stadium when we play the Chiefs in a few weeks,” the video read.

Sophia’s response was uncontrollably emotional when she saw it, and she quickly conveyed her gratitude.

 “Thank you so much for inviting us out to Kansas City to watch your guys’ Bears game,” she said

Due to his outstanding respect for his supporters outside of play, Justin Fields has already won the hearts of NFL fans before the game.

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