Who is ex-NFL star Trent Dilfer, unleashed his fury on UAB coaches after a critical mistake sank the game?

UAB had a hard time digesting a 23-35 loss to Tulane last night, leading them to fall to a 1-4 record. Despite having a 20-7 lead in the first half, UAB couldn’t maintain it. In the close and hard-fought battle, UAB players lost momentum after the second quarter, and the poor effort from the team left fans on the edge of their seats.

However, more than the fans, one person was seen losing his cool completely on the sideline, and that person is none other than former NFL icon Trent Dilfer.

Who is ex-NFL star Trent Dilfer?

After getting selected as the sixth overall pick in the 1994 draft out of Fresno State, Dilfer spent nearly 14 years in the league and performed as a starting quarterback for multiple teams including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baltimore Ravens, Seattle Seahawks, Cleveland Browns, and San Francisco 49ers before deciding to hang up his cleats in 2008.

Trent Dilfer
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The signal-caller earned a Pro Bowl selection in Tampa Bay in 1997 and also led the Ravens to a Super Bowl in 2000. After closing his NFL journey, he joined hands with ESPN and FS1 to serve as a football analyst.

The ex-NFL star later decided to stay connected to the football field by serving as a head coach of Lipscomb Academy in Nashville, Tennessee in 2019. He continued the job for four years and pushed the school to win three state championship games before joining UAB as a head coach last year.

Dilfer expresses frustration after costly game error

During a crucial moment of the game between UAB and Tulane, the former team was flagged for an illegal substitution on defense, giving their rival a direct first down. As the energy in the stadium seemingly shifted in favor of the opposing team following the mistake, Dilfer was on the verge of breaking down and was seen on the sidelines, shouting and gesturing angrily.

The 50-year-old vented his frustration at the referees for several seconds before turning his attention to the coaching staff. He was seen walking away from one coach to another to continue his rant on the sidelines before eventually walking down the field to regain control over his emotions. Meanwhile, Tulane went on to score on the drive and secured the victory against his team.

Meanwhile, the former Super Bowl champion has earlier hit the headlines for not holding back his frustrations and concerns on the field. Last year, he was captured shoving and screaming at one of his players, TE Beau Dawson, son of NFL kicker Phil Dawson, on the sideline. However, it was later revealed that Beau ran the wrong route on a play and got involved in a heated altercation with the coach, and Dilfer also later took to social media to apologize for the incident.

While public display of emotion and critique is not praiseworthy in any sense, it is quite common in high-voltage games. What’s your take on this matter? Tell us in the comments.


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