Who is Fernanda Campos accusing Lionel Messi of allegedly sliding into her DM?

The media has been out to smear Lionel Messi’s reputation recently. Amidst recent ‘cheating’ rumours, Inter Miami’s Lionel Messi took his family to Disney World with Antonela Roccuzzo, dispelling and denouncing all cheating speculations, but a new one has emerged.

Fernanda Campos, a Brazilian model who gained her fame through her impeccable social media presence, has hinted at Lionel Messi’s patronage through an Instagram DM. This claims came after she said something similar about Neymar Jr.

Who is Fernanda Campos?

Brazilian model Fernanda Campos once stirred the soccer world by exposing flirtatious exchanges with Neymar while he was still in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend Bruna Biancardi. The revelation prompted the Al Hilal star to issue an apology to his then-girlfriend.

Fernanda Campos has gained attention for her involvement with soccer stars, including revealing flirtatious exchanges with Neymar while he was in a relationship with Bruna Biancardi. Beyond her connections to soccer players, detailed information about Fernanda Campos’s lifestyle, profession, and other aspects may not be readily available.

And now it appears that Fernanda Campos is strangely turning her attention towards Lionel Messi, starting some controversy. Now, who is this Fernanda Campos?

Fernanda Campos

Fernanda Campos, born in Carmo do Rio Claro, Brazil, is a 26-year-old model who has gained recognition for her work on platforms like OnlyFans. She is involved in endorsing popular fashion brands and has made a mark in Brazil’s modeling scene.

Fernanda Campos frequently shares her modeling endeavors on her Instagram account, under the handle ‘feercamppos.’ On this platform, she showcases herself wearing apparel from well-known fashion brands like Calvin Klein, Levis, and B Denim, among others.

Fernanda Campos accuses Lionel Messi of sliding into her DM

Fernanda Campos is indeed a public figure. Apart from modelling for famous brands, she also endorses popular designer fragrances and products in that line, including cosmetics of luxury brands.

This media personality had earlier sparked controversy around Neymar Jr. She had claimed that Neymar once sent her a DM, though the details were not revealed. However, she added that she spent time with him in his Sao Paulo apartment. She went on to rant about how Neymar had hidden his current relationship from her, but now she’s completely focused on Lionel Messi.

Fernanda Campos

Recently, a purported conversation between Fernanda Campos and Lionel Messi surfaced on Instagram. In the leaked exchange, the Argentine soccer icon expressed difficulty accessing her ‘Privacy’ account and asked if she lived in Brazil. However, many online users and certain X accounts dismissed these texts as fake, pointing out significant variations in Lionel Messi’s alleged writing style.

Lionel Messi himself has yet to respond to these claims. But Messi cannot really be expected to say anything on the issue due to his quiet nature and the fact that his fanbase has already leaped to his defence, disproving the frivolous claims.


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