Who is Ingrid Lana accusing Manchester United star Antony of assault?

Ingrid Lana has joined a growing list of women accusing footballer Antony of assault after ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin recently lodged a proper accusation against the Manchester United star. The winger couldn’t have imagined such a nightmare start to a new season, although this was always imminent.

Antony first had allegations of assault made against him a year ago by Gabriela Cavalin, and although the winger denied these claims at the time, he now seems to have real issues on his hands after Ingrid Lana made similar allegations against him, compounding the Brazil international’s woes.

Multiple women including Ingrid Lana claim assault from Antony

Manchester United and Antony must have hoped for a better season when planning their summer, but things have quickly gone wrong, as United have found themselves in the middle of another assault incident following Mason Greenwood’s long-standing issue. United released a statement on the Antony incident, stating they would only make further announcements when they had all the facts.

In the meantime, Antony has been suspended from the Brazilian national team, and it remains to be seen whether United will adopt the same method.

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Antony is now battling assault allegations from two different women, former girlfriends Ingrid Lana and Gabriela Cavalin. Lana’s claims came to light after Cavalin made her issues with the Brazilian winger public, providing pieces of evidence to the police to aid their investigation. In light of these allegations, Antony has maintained his innocence, promising to help the authorities in every way he can to clear his name.

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Lana, a 33-year-old banker, claimed that Antony hit her head against a wall in October 2022, and Brazilian TV, Record TV, plans to release its full interview with the banker later this weekend.

Antony appears in tearful interview

No one is making the most of the statement “innocent until proven guilty” than Antony himself. The Manchester United star has maintained his innocence from the beginning of these allegations, but no one knows how much he can keep up after two other women have stepped out to claim the Brazilian has also assaulted them at some point in his relationships with them.

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Antony appeared tearful in an interview with Brazilian TV Fofocalizando and continued to maintain his innocence throughout the interview. “I know the truth, and it will show up. I know there are a lot of people butchering me, but the truth will come out. I don’t support violence, ever. It is totally wrong, 100% wrong. I have a mother and sister, and I would never want this to happen to them,” the former Ajax man said.

Will Manchester United suspend Antony until the investigation is over? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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