Who is Sheng Gao slapped with arrest warrant after allegedly breaking into Stephen Curry’s home?

The Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry has been a transformative icon, not for the franchise alone but for the entire NBA. He has been able to sustain his on-court excellence for over a decade and still going. Despite attracting millions of adoring fans across the world, Curry looks determined to add another NBA ring to the list.

Curry is still trying to find his form in the current season after being sidelined briefly due to injury. However, an incident that occurred in October garnered significant attention and could eventually lead to the arrest of an exchange student who is from China.     

Who is Sheng Gao?

Stephen Curry’s evergreen talent and his exceptional 3-pointer prowess have attracted millions of people in the world, not just in the NBA. His millions of fans crave to see him dazzle on the court and perhaps, have an autograph from him. Sheng Gao happens to be among millions of Curry’s die-hard fans in the world. Sheng became more obsessed with the four-time NBA championship winner when he moved to the USA.

The 18 year old Sheng Gao faced with arrest warrant after being accused of breaking into Stephen Curry’s home
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The East Bay Times reports that Gao is a Chinese exchange student, who resides in Cupertino City California. The 18-year-old became came into the limelight when he broke into the house of the 2-time MVP winner back in October. However, he told the police that he meant no harm after breaking into the home of Stephen Curry, saying he needed to get an autograph of the icon he’s been following over the years. 

Despite the October 15 incident, he remains a big fan of Steph Curry. The incident has gone viral and has contributed to Sheng Gao’s popularity who is a foreign national within a short period.

Shen Gao becomes wanted man for sneaking into Stephen Curry’s house

An arrest warrant has been issued for the Chinese exchange student accused of breaking into the home of Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry in San Mateo County earlier in October. The District Attorney’s office, led by Steve Wagstaffe, stated to CBS News Bay Area that 18-year-old Sheng Gao was supposed to appear for his arraignment in Redwood City misdemeanor court on Thursday but failed to do so. Consequently, a judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest, setting bail on the warrant at $500.

The 18 year old Sheng Gao faced with arrest warrant after being accused of breaking into Stephen Curry’s home
Stephen Curry Via Getty

According to prosecutors, on October 15, Gao took a bus from his Cupertino home to Atherton to seek an autograph from the four-time NBA champion.

Upon arrival in the affluent Peninsula enclave, Gao spoke to a woman who directed him to Curry’s residence. Around 5:50 p.m., prosecutors allege that he approached the gate, pressed the “call” and “ring” buttons on the intercom, and gained access when the gate opened.

Subsequently, Gao entered the property through the home’s unlocked front door, as per the DA’s office. The suspect was confronted by a nanny who, upon discovering him in the living room through a surveillance camera, demanded an explanation.

Gao stated that he wanted Curry’s “signature” and left when she urged him to exit. The nanny then reported the incident to the police after he left the property. Authorities detained Gao when he was later found walking on El Camino Real.

Following the incident, he received a citation with a court appearance set for December 7. Steph and Ayesha Curry were not at home during the break-in, but their children were present. No items were reported stolen from the residence and no one was harmed.

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