Why did Jihad Ward and Aaron Rodgers clash during preseason finale? Exploring the story behind confrontation

After putting an end to his 18-year journey with the Green Bay Packers, the NFL legend Aaron Rodgers appears to be living his fullest with the New York Jets. From the front office members to the footballers, A-Rod is reportedly liked everywhere owing to the way he carries himself.

Though Rodgers has yet to start a brawl with any of his teammates, he has been involved in a heated altercation with the defensive lineman Jihad Ward during his unofficial debut in New York.

Aaron Rodgers and Jihad Ward engage in a heated exchange

During the Jets’ preseason finale against the New York Giants, Jihad was getting on Aaron‘s toes while the QB was attempting to make his touchdown debut in the Big Apple with a pass to Garrett Wilson.

The 39-year-old dual-threat lost his cool on the field and decided to encounter the defensive veteran by throwing some tantrums, “That’s f–king bulls–t, bro. What the f–k is that? Show some respect. C’mon, what the f–k is that? Five damn steps. I don’t even know who you are, bro.”

Ward didn’t shy away from responding, “I don’t know who you are, bro. I don’t know who the f— you are!”

An on-field official separated both footballers after the brief exchange of words, albeit A-Rod continued the verbal fight after throwing a 14-yard touchdown pass to Wilson. On his way to celebrate the score with his backup, the 10-time Pro Bowler again threw jabs at the eight-year vet saying, “Don’t poke the bear. Bro, I’ve never heard of you. Never heard of you.”

Aaron Rodgers

Though Ward didn’t make any comments initially, he offered his take on the matter saying that “Hard Knocks” is clearly edited from Aaron and his team’s perspective, making the QB a hero and the LB a villain in the episode.

Which team does Jihad Ward play for?

After signing as a free agent with the Giants back in 2022, Ward is currently busy establishing himself as a formidable weapon in the team’s defensive side. He started his NFL career after getting selected by the Oakland Raiders as the 44th pick overall in the 2nd round of the 2016 NFL Draft out of Illinois.

Jihad Ward

The 29-year-old got traded to the Dallas Cowboys for Ryan Switzer in 2018, albeit the journey didn’t last long and he was released by Dallas in the same year before signing with the Indianapolis Colts. He didn’t stay long with the Indianapolis team either as he got released after just one month. The veteran later signed a deal with the Baltimore Ravens in 2018 and stayed with the team till 2021 before signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jihad Ward and Aaron Rodgers are again set to face off against each other in Week 8 of the NFL regular season game between the Giants and Jets. Do you think that fans can witness another major altercation in that match as well? Let us know!


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