Why did Karim Benzema slap French interior minister with defamation lawsuit? Everything you need to know

Karim Benzema is not having the best of times in his new country. After deciding to leave the European stage, he joined up with Saudi Pro League club Al Ittihad. While he had a good start to his life there, it has gone wrong in the short time he has been there.

Due to his poor performances and attitude, it is being reported that he may have to come back to Europe, with Manchester United a possible destination. However, he is also facing a situation in his homeland of France, where he has taken a strong stance.

Why did Karim Benzema file defamation lawsuit against French interior minister?

Karim Benzema, one of the most famous individuals in the sport, is constantly subjected to rumors and scandals. He has now decided to take a stern approach to people who keep on slandering his name, and he isn’t afraid, no matter how high-ranking that individual is. According to local reports, the striker has now filed a defamation lawsuit against the French interior minister.

Gérald Darmanin, who serves as the Interior Minister for France, recently made headlines when he spoke negatively about Benzema. It was after Benzema had openly supported Gaza, which is being bombarded by Israel. The minister accused Benzema of having links to the Muslim Brotherhood, a Sunni Islamist group that is banned in countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Russia. It is accused of using front organizations in France to further it’s goals.

The 36-year-old player had quickly denied the allegations against him and even threatened legal action at the time, which he has followed through with. He and his lawyers released a 92-page complaint and repeated, “He has never had the slightest link with the Muslim Brotherhood organisation, nor to his knowledge with anyone who claims to be a member of it.”

His lawyer, Hugues Vigier, along with Benzema on previous occasions, also said that the Ballon d’Or winner is being used for political reasons and to create discord in the nation of France. The details of the lawsuit are still not clear, and the interior minister has not spoken about it yet.

Karim Benzema and French interior minister feud explained

Gérald Darmanin has previously clashed with Karim Benzema, often targeting him. He previously criticized the Frenchman for not singing the French national anthem in their games and for promoting Islamic values and teachings to convert others.

Karim Benzema and French interior minister feud explained
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Recently, Benzema shared a post on his social media to show support for Gaza in the recent conflict with Israel. Darmanin then accused him of showing support for Gaza while not acknowledging the October 7 attacks. It was then that he accused Benzema of being linked with the Muslim Brotherhood. With the lawsuit from the former Real Madrid superstar, it seems this feud is only going to have more incidents in the future.

It remains to be seen what comes of the lawsuit, while Karim Benzema is facing problems at his own club.

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