Why did Vikings reportedly suspend OC Wes Phillips for three weeks?

Ever so often, we see people associated with the NFL have run-ins with law enforcement officials all over the country. On most occasions, the news comes as a shock to the entire NFL community, with severe repercussions for their respective franchises. Still, sometimes, the person in question only receives a slap on the wrist in comparison to their original offense.

In the case of the Minnesota Vikings’ Wes Phillips, that seems to be the case as he begins to serve his three-week suspension today. The offensive coordinator for the Vikings, Phillips, was arrested on account of drunk driving late last year. As speculations suggest, this particular suspension might have something to do with the same.

Why was Wes Phillips suspended for three weeks?

The Minnesota Vikings have confirmed the suspension of their offensive coordinator, Wes Phillips, for a period of three weeks without pay following the resolution of the case involving the DUI arrest in 2023. The suspension, effective Tuesday, will last until April 22, with Phillips set to resume his duties on April 23.

According to ESPN, Phillips, who became part of coach Kevin O’Connell’s original staff in 2022, was pulled over on December 8 while traveling on Interstate Highway 394 at around 9:45 p.m. CT. He displayed signs of impairment, and subsequent testing revealed his blood alcohol content to be 0.10, above the legal limit of 0.08 in Minnesota. Following the incident, Phillips was booked into Hennepin County jail but was released early the next morning after posting a $300 bond.

Vikings’ decision to suspend Wes Phillips draws fan backlash over timing

While the Minnesota Vikings have done the right thing by suspending their offensive coordinator, they might have scheduled the suspension at the worst possible time during the off-season. This decision, as expected, has drawn the ire of many within the NFL community.

As soon as the news was made public on social media, users unleashed a barrage of comments that echoed the same sentiment. One user said, “Lmao the softest slap on the wrist possible, ” while another commented, “This is like banning someone from Spirit Halloween for the month of June.”

“So…he misses no games and will be back before the draft. Ya, really laid down the law on this one.”

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