Why does DeAndre Hopkins hand the TD ball to his blind mother Sabrina Greenlee? Revisiting the tragic yet heartwarming story of Titans WR’s mother

Over the years, the NFL has produced plenty of heartwarming stories involving the players and their families. However, this one might just take the crown. If you are a passionate person, this story is sure to make you tear up.

DeAndre Hopkins, WR of the Tennessee Titans, has one of the most emotional touchdown rituals you will ever see on the gridiron, and that is because it involves his mother, Sabrina Greenlee. Let’s find out more about how she becomes a part of her son’s greatest achievements.

Tragic reason behind Hopkins’ customary gesture to his mother

One of the most exciting WRs going around in the league, DeAndre Hopkins’ performances speak for themselves. Over the years, he has lit up the NFL with scintillating grabs and touchdowns that have sent spectators into a frenzy.

In one of the most heartwarming traditions, whenever Hopkins gets a touchdown, he hands over the ball to his mother, Sabrina Greenlee, who is clinically blind. When asked about this ritual, Hopkins said that he does it because he wants his mother to be a part of all his greatness out on the field.

Sabrina Greenlee lost her vision when an unidentified woman threw acid on her face, disfiguring her appearance and blinding her in both eyes. What’s even more heartbreaking about this is that the attack took place when Hopkins was only 10 years old, stopping her from getting the opportunity to watch her son live.

Greenlee talked about her son’s gesture in a recent interview, where she stated that whenever Hopkins scores a touchdown, Sabrina’s daughter helps her up so that she can receive the ball from her mercurial son.

DeAndre Hopkins siblings

D’Hop, who made $12 million this season, has three siblings: Marcus Greenlee, Shanterria Cobb, and Kesha Smith. Their mother, Sabrina, is a single mom who raised all of them on her own and ensured that they got the best facilities in all walks of life. And now, with her son DeAndre in the NFL, it is all but certain that the family is financially secure for years to come.

When asked about his gesture towards his mother after all of his touchdowns, Hopkins said, “That ball symbolizes so much more than people ever could understand.” The ritual has tugged at the heartstrings of supporters across the country who showered love and praise towards the Titans’ WR. One quipped, “That’s such a touching story. I had no idea. I will be rooting for him every Sunday.”

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