Why is James Harden practicing with 76ers despite transfer request? Explaining his Clippers trade update

James Harden was seen making a return to the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday for a training camp. It was strange to see Harden out training with the Sixers after he made a trade request. Harden and the front office of the team do not have a good relationship as of this moment because of the ongoing tension that spurred after his trade request.

Harden had requested a trade back in July 2023, but no progress has been made on that front. He joined the 76ers in all team activities and was a part of the training camp. The current MVP of the NBA, Joel Embiid also shared his thoughts on Harden’s presence. He said that Harden is not a distraction at the camp.

Why is James Harden practicing with 76ers despite transfer request?

James Harden was seen practicing with the rest of the Philadelphia 76ers despite his request for a trade back in July of 2023. He participated actively in various team activities and went through most of the drills. Nick Nurse, the new coach of the Sixers, said that Harden “looked good.”

Harden has expressed his desire to be committed to the team but also has made it clear that he would like to be traded eventually. At the practice he didn’t bring up his transfer situation with his teammates nor did he give any update on his future plans.

Joel Embiid was also present at the practice of the Philadelphia 76ers. When asked about his opinion of Harden joining the squad for drills he said, “He is practicing with us, That is all we know.” He went on to talk about how the sixers are focusing on offensive and defensive tactics and building synergy within the team. He later said, “I do not think anybody has been distracted.”

James Harden is still hopeful’ on playing for the Clippers

Despite his return to the training camp James Harden has made clear of his intentions of a trade. The 76ers are in line with the request and are open to trade him but only if they get a good deal in return, the reported requirements of the Sixers are a young star player and few draft picks.

A few team have reportedly shown interest in signing the former NBA MVP. The Brooklyn Nets, Miami Heat and Los Angeles Clippers have all shown interest but not deal has been made yet. It was reported that ”the Clippers are going to great lengths to make it happen.” It still keeps the possibility of a deadline day transfer open and James Harden could be seen playing for a different team in the coming season.

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