Despite stunning victories over John Cena and AJ Styles fans urge WWE star to change in ring persona

In the WWE Universe, John Cena & AJ Styles are two of the top-notch talents. Having victory over these legends is something that can be added as an accolade in your wrestling carrier. However, despite having victories over these legends the fans want a current Champion to change his gimmick or in-ring persona.

The current Champion in question is Austin’s Theory. It’s currently holding United State Champion in the Stamford-based Promotion. He won the Championship in Survivor Series 2022 by defeating Seth Rollins & Bobby Lashley in a triple-threat match.

Austin Theory vs AJ Styles at WWE live event

A WWE SuperShow event was recently held in Fairfax, where Austin Theory faced AJ Styles. However, during the match, Theory faced major hatred from the crowd. All the crowd of Fairfax was in favor of Austin Theory challenger AJ Styles. During the match, the audience gave their reaction to both superstars.

Both Styles & Theory climbed on the alternative turnbuckles to rally the crowd of Fairfax. Styles got a huge cheer from the crowd but unfortunately, Theory faced the opposite reaction. Every time the Phenomenal One raised his hands in the ring, the crowd gave him a huge reaction.

As of now, Theory is a villainous character in the company so getting a hateful reaction from the crowd doesn’t seem to be the opposite of this character. However, the match ended with the victory of Theory as he retained the United State Championship.

Fans urge WWE star to change gimmick

After this clip went viral on the internet, many fans urged to change the Gimmick of the United State Champion. Some of them feel it to be boring and some of them consider it as a comedic gimmick for someone like Theory.

Many fans also said that Theory is perfect as a comedic character and hence needs to turn a babyface in the company. However, talking about his next opponent, there is already an invitational match going on SmackDown regarding his next contender. The most likely opponent is LA Knight who recently experienced a huge growth in his carrier.

Many fans also believed that Knight is going to be the one who will defeat Theory for his Championship at the Biggest Party of the Summer. Santos Escobar had already qualified for the next round of the Invitational match it will be interesting to see will Knight could qualify to face Austin Theory.


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