Years after retiring from Patriots, Rob Gronkowski makes optimistic win prediction for New England

Rob Gronkowski marked his NFL debut with the New England Patriots’ second-round selection in the 2010 draft. The tight end had a fantastic career, spending almost a decade with the team and winning three Super Bowls.

Hence, Rob cherishes a deep emotion for the squad though he ended his career adding another Super Bowl ring to his collection with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, Gronkowski just made an outrageous prediction about how well the Patriots will do this year in a recent interview.

Gronkowski expects a strong season predicting over 7.5 wins

The New England Patriots had an 8-9 record at the end of the previous campaign, missing the playoffs. However, their former TE was outspoken about their success this season before the start of the regular season.

Gronkowski, who is the Patriots’ tight end receiving leader in almost every category, expressed high hopes for his former squad. The 34-year-old confidently stated that the Patriots would win more than 7.5 games when asked how many victories they might anticipate this season.

Despite the Patriots’ lackluster performance in the previous season, the former player was nevertheless heard praising their eight wines.

“I’m gonna go with the New England Patriots over 7.5 games won. The AFC is tough, but this is a no-brainer. I’ll just put it this way. They had a losing record last year and they still won eight games.”

Rob Gronkowski retires as the greatest tight end of all time - Pats Pulpit

The coaching staff of the Patriots received praise from The TE GOAT as well. In his address, Bill O’Brien, who was ranked third on Pro Football Focus’ ranking of the top 10 offensive coordinators, received special recognition.

“They got a great coach in there. They’re gonna be coached no matter what. They’re gonna win games. They’re gonna win the tough games and they’re gonna win over 7.5 for sure. It doesn’t matter (the division). Their coaching is just too superb. Don’t forget the offensive coordinator (Bill O’Brien).”

The Patriots have the most difficult schedule this year, which might transform the predictions of their former players into reality.

What year did Gronk leave the Patriots?

Gronkowski served nine seasons playing for the New England Patriots. Due to injuries, he was prepared to terminate his career with them in 2018. However, he was unable to follow through with his choice when Brady called him in 2020 to ask him to join the Buccaneers. Later, he ended his career following a two-year stint with the Bucs.

Gronkowski helping spur Patriots' white-hot streak

The five-time Pro Bowler amassed 7,861 receiving yards and 79 touchdowns over the course of his Patriots career. His 80 career touchdowns rank highest in Patriots franchise history, and he also led the league in both first downs (398) and touchdowns (79). An All-Decade Team player in the NFL for 2010 also finished second in yards (7,861) and seventh in receptions (521).

However, he made a significant prediction for the Patriots, though! If the Patriots live up to his expectations, that remains to be seen.

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