10 years after saying goodbye to NBA, Allen Iverson aligns himself with Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson with surreal confession

The NBA once boasted one of the best players in the league, Allen Iverson. The Philadelphia 76ers legend graced the court with his quick foot gameplay and earned numerous personal accolades, including Rookie of the Year, four-time scoring champion, three-time steal leader, among several others.

Despite making a name for himself in his career, he remained a follower of Michael Jordan over the years. Recently, Iverson made a shocking revelation about his childhood dream, which comes several years after his retirement from the NBA.

Allen Iverson pays homage to Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan

Philadelphia 76ers icon Allen Iverson is widely recognized as one of the most dynamic offensive players in NBA history. According to the Hall of Famer, his success can be traced back to his childhood dream of emulating Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan and pop icon Michael Jackson.

On Monday, Iverson shared a tribute to Jordan and Jackson on Instagram, reflecting on his past aspirations to match their illustrious careers. “My childhood dream was to be like these two! I tried my best jack!”

Hall of Fame inductee Allen Iverson aligns himself with Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson with surreal confession, with his childhood dream post.
Allen Iverson Via Essential-Sports

While many may argue that Iverson’s career doesn’t quite parallel Jordan’s, who secured six titles, Iverson’s exceptional ball-handling and scoring prowess, coupled with his relatability, endeared him to fans. His offensive dominance led to 11 All-Star selections, the 2001 MVP award, and eventual induction into the Hall of Fame, despite not winning an NBA championship in his 14-year career.

Some even argue that pound-for-pound, Iverson is the greatest player ever, extracting the most from his relatively small 6-foot stature. As the former MVP suggested, he certainly gave his best effort to live up to the standards set by his childhood idol.

Allen Iverson opens up about his crossover on Jordan

Allen Iverson grabbed the attention of the legendary Michael Jordan right from his rookie year in the league. The Philadelphia 76ers selected Iverson as the first pick in the 1996 NBA draft, marking the beginning of his impactful career with the franchise. As a highly skilled guard with a combination of explosiveness and finesse, Iverson quickly made a name for himself in the NBA.

Hall of Fame inductee Allen Iverson aligns himself with Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson with surreal confession, with his childhood dream post.
Allen Iverson Via NBC Sports

In a conversation on “The Dan Patrick Show,” Iverson reflected on his career, with a particular emphasis on his interactions with Michael Jordan. Iverson credited Jordan for helping him develop a vision for playing professional basketball. When Patrick brought up the famous double-crossover Iverson executed on Jordan during his rookie year, he inquired about Iverson’s feelings at that moment.

Iverson shared that, at the time, he didn’t fully grasp the magnitude of the moment. It was against Black Jesus, and I always told my friends growing up, ‘You know, that if I ever got an opportunity to try my move on the best that ever played the game, that I would. You know in the moment it just happened, and I backed him up and did it.”

Allen Iverson admitted, that he didn’t know the significance of crossing Jordan in the game until he started seeing it all on ESPN, that was when he felt like he did something remarkable. In that game, Iverson displayed great skills, finishing with a game-high 37 points and an impressive shooting percentage of 65.2%. On the other side, Michael Jordan had a less-than-stellar shooting night, accumulating 23 points.

Despite Jordan’s performance, the Chicago Bulls secured a 108-104 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers. Iverson’s reflection on the significance of the moment highlights the genuine passion and focus he brought to the game, unaware of the impact he was making in real time.

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