2023 NFL Christmas Games: What teams are playing & How to watch during Christmas Day?

Following the intense Week 14 clash, the NFL teams are now in a very crucial week that would shape their future this season. With playoff berths at stake and rivalries heating up, the NFL Christmas Games has become an essential part of the holiday celebration for sports enthusiasts.

To embrace the spirit of competition amidst the joyous celebrations, the NFL tries to bring forth a lineup of exciting matchups. From classic rivalries reigniting on the field to standout performances that define seasons, these games became an integral part of the sports enthusiast’s football journey over the years. The 2023 NFL Christmas Games also promises some exciting matches that are likely to deliver exhilarating displays of performance on the field.

What teams are playing in the 2023 NFL Christmas Games?

The NFL will light up Christmas Day with three anticipated matchups in 2023, marking the fourth consecutive year of football action on this special holiday. With this year’s addition, the league will have hosted 30 Christmas Day games.

Christmas Eve on a Sunday sets the stage for the NFL’s regular Sunday football slate, followed by a unique triple-header on Christmas Day itself, per NBC Sports.

The day kicks off with the Las Vegas Raiders facing the Kansas City Chiefs at 1 p.m. ET, which would showcase two AFC West powerhouses known for their thrilling clashes. The Raiders, fresh from a stellar 10-7 season and a playoff appearance, will meet the reigning AFC West champions, the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs, led by superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and his formidable tight end, Travis Kelce.

At 4:30 p.m. ET, sports enthusiasts will witness the clash between the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles. Both teams aim to rebound from disappointing seasons, with the Giants finishing 7-9 and the Eagles securing an 8-8 record. Despite setbacks, the Eagles boast a robust defense steered by linebacker Darius Slay Jr., while quarterback Jalen Hurts spearheads their offense amid his injury issues.

The evening spectacle unfolds as the Baltimore Ravens square off against the San Francisco 49ers at 8:15 p.m. ET. The 49ers, fresh off a commanding 12-5 season, will confront the formidable Ravens, led by dual-threat quarterback Lamar Jackson.

How to watch NFL Christmas Games 2023?

The NFL Christmas games in 2023 can be enjoyed across different networks. The Raiders vs. Chiefs match will be shown on CBS and Nickelodeon, with the Giants vs. Eagles aired on FOX and the 49ers vs. Ravens aired on ABC to round off the action.

For those inclined towards streaming, several services carry FOX, ABC, and CBS, allowing viewers to catch the games. Platforms such as YouTube TV and Fubo offer convenient streaming options. Besides that, FOX games can be accessed via FoxSports.com or the FOX Sports app and CBS games are available for streaming on Paramount+, while ABC games can be enjoyed on the ESPN app.

NFL Christmas Games
NFL Playoff Pass

Viewers equipped with over-the-air antennas will be able to pick up local channels and can savor the games aired on FOX, ABC, or CBS free of charge. This option provides a traditional but reliable method for enjoying live broadcasts without the need for a cable subscription or streaming service.

This recent trend of Christmas Day NFL games harkens back to 1971, when the NFL, in a break from tradition, played its first Christmas games, capitalizing on the holiday falling on a Saturday that year. Since then, excluding the upcoming 2023 season, the NFL has treated fans to 27 memorable Christmas Day clashes.


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