Derrick Henry contemplates Titans exit after Tennessee out of playoffs contention with loss to Texans

Within a league predominantly emphasizing quarterbacks, running backs endure heightened scrutiny, a trend Derrick Henry confronted during his eight-year tenure with the Tennessee Titans. Despite reservations about the diminishing value attached to his position, Henry’s unwavering commitment serves as a guiding example for aspiring players dedicated to securing triumphs for their teams.

In the meantime, the Pro Bowl player is on the brink of concluding his contract with the Titans. While analysts hurriedly seek insights into Henry’s potential next move, the Titans athlete openly shares his thoughts on the prospect of departing.

Derrick Henry talks on potential Titans exit 

The Tennessee Titans faced a crushing blow to their playoff aspirations with a 19-16 overtime loss to the Houston Texans. For star running back Derrick Henry, it was a day of profound frustration, marking a career-worst performance as a starter.

Henry had a dismal outing, gaining a mere 9 yards on 16 carries. This came as an opposite scene to his previous dominance against the Texans, averaging an impressive 203.6 yards in the past five encounters.

Expressing his disappointment, Henry acknowledged the team’s collective struggle yet gave a nod to the Texans for their play.

 “We weren’t great today as a whole. They were the better team today. The credit goes to them. It seemed like they had an answer for everything.”

The loss raised questions about Henry’s future with the Titans, especially considering his impending free agency in March. The running back, who has spent his entire eight-year career with the Titans, signed a substantial four-year $50 million contract in 2020.

Nevertheless, rookie Tyjae Spears has been making strides, sharing a similar snap count with Henry and showcasing promise with 30 yards on nine carries in the recent game.

Henry, contemplating the end of the season, stated that a potential exit also crossed his mind, especially as his team was out of the playoff race prior to appearing in the last three games of the season.

“Yeah, definitely today you had that feeling [that it could be the end of his career with the Titans]. I had hope of kind of slipping in there [the playoffs] and then being eliminated with three games left. I’ve been here my whole career. Definitely wanted to go out strong, but that isn’t the case.”

Amid this, Henry affirmed his commitment to giving his all in the remaining three games, emphasizing his determination to leave it all on the field, regardless of the challenges that lie ahead.

In which team could we see Derrick Henry next?

The looming question of whether Derrick Henry will continue to wear the Titans uniform adds an air of uncertainty to the final stretch of the season.

As Henry turns 30 in January, his future in the league remains uncertain, though the Titans did not trade him even after the trade deadline in October. His remarkable contributions, including two rushing titles (2019, 2020) and being named the NFL Offensive Player of the Year in 2020, obviously put his name forward while a running back needy team wants to bolster their roster.

Baltimore Ravens

In this scenario, Bleacher Report identified the Baltimore Ravens as the primary team. The team’s offense appeared disjointed after losing starter J.K. Dobbins to a season-ending injury in the opener. 

Nevertheless, leveraging Lamar Jackson’s skills, they quickly closed the expectation gap and currently lead their division with a 10-3 record. Acquiring Henry would provide an in-season upgrade to their offensive capabilities.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills, viewed as a Super Bowl contender for much of the past five years, have fallen short, only making it to the conference championship game. They struggled to rectify these issues in the offseason and have started the 2023 season with some offensive inconsistencies. Acquiring Henry could provide a boost, helping Josh Allen score more and reviving their Super Bowl aspirations, especially with their current 8-6 standings.

Cincinnati Bengals 

The Bengals’ season commenced with a letdown, but despite the setback of losing starting quarterback Joe Burrow to a season-ending injury, the team found stability with Jake Browning.

However, with the team increasingly depending on Browning at this juncture, especially considering the starter’s limited regular-season experience, acquiring the veteran running back from the Titans would allow him to fully exhibit his capabilities.

Philadelphia Eagles 

In the offseason, there were rumors connecting the Philadelphia Eagles to Derrick Henry, with reports suggesting a potential trade for the seasoned running back. Although the speculated trade didn’t materialize, there’s an ongoing assumption that the Eagles maintain interest in Derrick. 

Bringing Henry on board would enhance the Eagles’ offensive capabilities, alleviating the burden on Jalen Hurts to rely solely on his running ability for scoring. Henry’s presence would provide a valuable asset for gaining difficult yards and ensuring defensive honesty in situations where a predictable rush by Hurts is evident, presenting a significant advantage for the team’s offense.

Which team do you think Derrick Henry should end up with?

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