3 years after shelling out $17,000,000 for plot, Tom Brady’s “billionaire bunker” mansion gets revealed in public eye

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New England Patriots icon Tom Brady ruled the NFL for two decades before deciding to hang up his cleats this year. The 2023 NFL season will be marked as the first season the GOAT of the league has not been seen on the football field since his draft in 2000.

The sports enthusiasts might be pulling a long face for not being able to see their favorite quarterback on the turf. Meanwhile, the three-time NFL MVP is trying to stay close to the fans by investing in multiple sports teams. Besides other business moves, the veteran is also spending a lot of time making investments in real estate.

Looking at Tom Brady’s billionaire bunker mansion

An Instagram page named Boardroom revealed some pictures of Brady’s bunker mansion in Indian Creek Village in Miami. According to the source, the house features a gym, study, gardens, a waterfront pool and spa, an outdoor kitchen, a tree-lined driveway leading up to a motor court, and a multi-car garage.

Tom Brady and his former wife Gisele Bündchen purchased the plot of land together for $17 million back in 2020. They later tore down a pre-existing 5,772-square-foot home on the land to build an environmentally friendly mansion in its place. However, the pair later decided to part ways, and the seven-time Super Bowl champion later came up with a new design for the plot this year.

Brady’s property portfolio

Besides the bunker mansion, Brady and Gisele rented the former professional baseball player Derek Jeter’s mansion in Davis Islands, Tampa. According to Fox 13, the 22,000-plus square foot house was built back in 2011 and it was sold for $22.5 million a decade later by Jeter. The mansion, featuring seven bedrooms and 16 bathrooms, was just 20 minutes from the ex-NFL star’s former team Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Raymond James Stadium.

Tom Brady
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The duo also had a beautiful mansion in Brookline, Massachusetts, built by architect Richard Landry. The five-bedroom house, featuring a contemporary country aesthetic centers on a 10,000-square-foot manor, and it is situated near the 9th hole of The Country Club, the oldest country club on the continent. They marketed it at $39.5 million in 2020 but sold it at $7 million less in 2021.

TB12 and his ex-wife had an apartment In Tribeca, Manhattan, as well as on the 12th floor of a renowned 70 Vestry, on Tribeca’s waterfront. The apartment with panoramic water views was designed by Daniel Romualdez. Besides these, they have a home in the Yellowstone Club in Montana, which might cost between $5.7 million and $30 million.

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