Wrestling community wants former women’s champion Victoria to be inducted into WWE Hall of Fame

Victoria is fondly remembered by many WWE fans as one of the best female wrestlers to ever grace the WWE ring. Her in-ring persona, charisma, and techniques have served as an inspiration to many of today’s female wrestlers on the WWE roster.

However, despite her significant contributions to the rise of female wrestling, she has yet to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Both Trish Stratus and, more recently, Mickie James have advocated for Victoria’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Mickie James pushes WWE to induct Victoria into their Hall of Fame

Hall Of Fame is a very prestigious title given to veteran WWE superstars for their contribution to the growth of the promotion. However, many former WWE superstars are still deprived of this title despite their contributions and Victoria is one of those superstars. She had a very successful run in WWE as a two-time Women’s division champion.

Victoria joined the promotion in the early 2000s and performed in WWE for almost a decade until she left in 2009. Former WWE female superstar and a very close friend of Victoria, Mickie James gave an interview on ‘The Battleground Podcast’ and she stated that her friend Victoria deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

“If anybody asked me who should be next in the IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame, it’s Tara. Who should be next in the WWE Hall of Fame, it’s Victoria. It’s long overdue, long, long overdue. That’s not just because she’s my friend, and she’s my sister, and we do GAW TV together. I mean, the woman has been through it all and has seen it all, and she’s watched a lot of her friends go into the Hall of Fame, and I think it’s due.” said Mickie James on The Battleground Podcast.

Wrestling community wants Victoria to be inducted into WWE Hall of Fame

From 2000 to 2009, Victoria has entertained WWE fans with her magnificent performance. She has been part of several big storylines and secured victory in big matches throughout her career. As Mickie James recently demanded that WWE should induct Victoria into the Hall of Fame which was reported by Wrestle Ops in a tweet on X.

“Yeah, it’s time to induct her into the hall of fame. She deserves it.”- JFS retweeted.
“Agreed. Victoria is my favorite female wrestler of her era and pre-NXT.”- SuperSevenFive retweeted.
“I’ve been begging for her induction for years PLEEEASEEE CAN THEY DO IT😣😣😣”- LIV retweeted.

Do you think the veteran female superstar deserves to get inducted into the Hall Of Fame? Let us know your opinion on it in the comment section below!

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