49ers Trent Williams hails ‘Mr. Irrelevant’ Brock Purdy ahead of crucial playoffs match against Packers

With a 12-5 record, the San Francisco 49ers are set for an intense wild card round against the Green Bay Packers after overcoming multiple key player injuries. Notably, veteran offensive tackle Trent Williams, who battled a rare type of cancer, has drawn significant attention. 

Despite physical challenges, Williams is determined to contribute his full prowess to the team while showering praise on starting quarterback Brock Purdy for his exceptional performance throughout the whole season.

Trent Williams praises Brock Purdy

The 49ers team embraced Purdy as “Mr. Irrelevant” in last season’s NFL draft. Despite the initial downplaying of Purdy, the quarterback’s prowess has led the 49ers dominantly since taking over the QB1 role, leaving veteran Trent Williams in awe.

For the 37-year-old Williams, drafting Purdy felt like the team had “hit the lottery” of wins. In a recent interview, Williams expressed his admiration for Purdy’s rapid progress.

“It is definitely impressive. I mean, if he stopped everything today and you look at his work, it is still impressive to see where Mr. Irrelevant has come just in 24 months. He is a lifesaver. You know, like I said, we hit the lottery.”

Purdy’s impact on the 49ers has been nothing short of extraordinary. Despite having a cost-effective contract, Purdy boasts the fourth-highest single-season passer rating through 15 weeks of any quarterback since 2000. His performance has elevated him to MVP candidate status during the 2023 NFL season, proving skill amid challenges like a perceived lack of elite arm strength and size.

In 16 starts this season, Purdy has consistently excelled, finishing first in the NFL in key metrics such as yards per attempt (9.6), yards per dropback (8.8), yards per completion (13.9), and expected points added per dropback (0.26).

 Trent Williams talks about making the Pro Bowl team and retirement

As the 2023 NFL season concludes, Trent Williams dismisses any notions of retirement, affirming his commitment to return for the 2024 season. “Oh yeah, 100%,” Williams confidently declares, dispelling any uncertainties about his future in the league.

Instead of contemplating retirement, Williams is setting his sights on etching his name deeper into Pro Bowl history. Despite missing out on Pro Bowl recognition in his initial two seasons, he has since been a consistent presence, making the prestigious lineup every season he has played.

This year marks a significant milestone as the OT of the 49ers becomes the eighth offensive lineman in history with an impressive 11 Pro Bowl selections.

While catching up to Bruce Matthews, who holds the record with 14 career selections, might be a stretch, Williams sets his sights on tying the second-most Pro Bowl selections among offensive linemen. 

“I want to break the record for tackles, and that’s a big thing for me. So I definitely dropped to my knees and thanked God because that’s not promised.”

The 49ers will play against the Packers on Saturday, Jan. 20, at Levi’s Stadium. Stay tuned to get the latest update.

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