Cost-effective contract of QB Brock Purdy provides 49ers with significant competitive edge both on and off the field

San Francisco 49ers are in better position than most NFL teams to make the playoffs this season, irrespective of losing their “unbeaten” run. Though the 49ers’ defense was projected to be their greatest strength, their offense, led by quarterback Brock Purdy, has surpassed the defense lately for being their most dynamic feature.

With the title “Mr. Irrelevant,” Purdy has demonstrated every potential to refute all expectations surrounding his status as the last draft pick. Apart from his on-field dominance, the quarterback has also aided the team financially with a contract that falls well below average, yet it does not align with his substantial contribution to the franchise.

Purdy’s contract helps the 49ers balance their team

The 49ers, with two Pro Bowl-level wide receivers, Brandon Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel, currently sidelined due to injury, also include standout stars like tight end George Kittle, Trent Williams, and Christian McCaffrey. This impressive roster of seasoned talent demands a substantial investment, potentially straining a team’s financial resources. However, Purdy’s contract has been accommodating enough to provide the necessary flexibility for retaining these seasoned players on the roster.

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The former 49ers offensive tackle Joe Staley said the team had been enjoying a huge financial benefit due to Brock’s contract.

“You know him being on his rookie deal. And being, you know, last pick in the draft gave the 49ers a ton of flexibility… Getting the trade of Christian McCaffrey. And we’re seeing that, the ability for them to have flexibility in every other position. And I really do think it’s because of that quarterback contract that Brock has.

The starting QB for the 49ers has inked a four-year deal valued at just $3.7 million, averaging about $1 million annually for 2024 and 2025, with a mere $77,008 guaranteed. His 2023 salary places him at the 78th spot among all signal-callers. Remarkably, his earnings fall below those of backup luminaries like Cooper Rush and Brian Hoyer, who is set to lead the Las Vegas Raiders in their upcoming clash against the Chicago Bears.

Kyle Shanahan continues to be impressed with Purdy

Ahead of the Browns’ blow, Purdy ranked second in yards per attempt (8.5) while recording 21 combined passing and rushing touchdowns. However, even after the loss, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan gushed about the QB’s performance against Cleveland saying he at least tried to put the team in a position to kick a potential game-winning field goal at the last possession.

The HC couldn’t raise questions about the starter’s performance, as he thinks it was far from perfect.

“That’s pretty ridiculous. You’ve just got to watch the tape. He plays at a high level every time he’s been out there. He’s done it in a lot of different situations versus a lot of different defenses, on the road, at home, playoff games, when injured. You can’t do all that stuff, he’s been out there too long. It’s on tape,” he said via SB Nation.

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The young star proved his caliber in the 2022 season as well. He had to spend this entire offseason rehabbing and recovering from his surgery in early March, but his unwavering effort to give San Francisco’s offense stability and optimization at the QB position was noticeable. Shanahan earlier lauded the dual threat for his commitment in the offseason as well.

“Brock, when he came in last year, you’re not sure. You know how he is in practice. We knew he had an opportunity—a chance to be like that. But those seven games last year that he played in, you knew it pretty well. He earned a lot of trust with me, earned a lot of trust with the players.”

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