49ers WR Deebo Samuel strikes back at Ryan Clark’s scathing critique of QB Brock Purdy: “folks be buggin”

In spite of starting his NFL career with the notorious title “Mr. Irrelevant” and a cost-effective contract, San Francisco 49ers starter Brock Purdy has resembled his prowess like the premier stars of the sport. However, amid the 49ers’ thrilling 24-21 victory over the Green Bay Packers, the criticism directed at the starter has not subsided.

While former NFL player Ryan Clark also joined the gang of Prudy’s critics, 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel came out as a vocal supporter of his starter to shut down the mouths of the critics.

Deebo Samuel backs QB Brock Purdy from Ryan Clark’s criticism

Despite delivering a masterclass season that saw him earn his first Pro Bowl nod, Brock Purdy continues to face scrutiny. It prompted teammate Deebo Samuel to come to his defense. The star wide receiver conveyed his frustration with the negative sentiment surrounding his starter in his Instagram story. He called out the critics, emphasizing that game tapes don’t lie.

“Never seen so much hate for a QB that led the league in almost every category y’all folks be buggin frfr,” he wrote.

Purdy’s exceptional performance during his first full season as a starter cannot be overlooked. The young quarterback threw for an impressive 4,280 yards and recorded 31 touchdowns against 11 interceptions. Mr. Irrelevant, who endorsed Christian McCaffrey for the MVP title, etched his name in the history books by topping the league in key categories, including a remarkable passer rating of 113.0 and yards per completion at 13.9.

As the 49ers secured a solid 12-5 record under Purdy’s leadership during the regular season, the second-year quarterback’s overall record as the team’s starter reached an impressive 21-5, including the playoffs.

What did Ryan Clark say about Brock Purdy?

On Monday morning’s First Take, Ryan Clark, who recently got backing from Kareem Jackson, made a candid confession about his previous praise for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy. The outspoken analyst, who had been effusive in his support for Purdy, revealed that he found it challenging to maintain that stance.

The retired 13-year NFL veteran admitted to acting as if Purdy deserved to be in conversations alongside elite quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen.

“I’m about to make a confession. The single hardest thing I had to do this year was act like Brock Purdy deserved to be in the conversations with the other people in that tweet. Because he was playing extremely well…we had to continue to include him in conversations with the Lamar Jacksons. We had to continue to include him in conversations with the Josh Allens.”

The recent admission on First Take has raised doubts about Clark’s previous statements, indicating that his excitement for Purdy might not have been entirely sincere. Just a few weeks ago, the NFL analyst expressed high hopes for Purdy, even labeling the 49ers starter as a possible MVP and Super Bowl-winning quarterback, referring to him as an “elite” quarterback.

“Right now, Brock Purdy is probably going to have a chance to be your MVP and your Super Bowl champion. And if that don’t make you elite, then nothing does,” he said.

Clark wrapped up his discussion on First Take by advising everyone not to prioritize Brock Purdy over established quarterbacks like Jared Goff, Patrick Mahomes, and Lamar Jackson.

What’s your opinion on Clark’s mood swings regarding Brock Purdy? 


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