$657.9 million franchise director eyes LeBron James collab despite disappointing Michael Jordan sequel

LeBron James, in his 21 NBA seasons, remains undoubtedly evergreen. His unique basketball talent has earned him recognition in the world of sports. Aside from basketball, LeBron has added humor to his off-court lifestyle, having previously appeared in several movies and TV programs.

Despite his commitment to helping the LA Lakers achieve something bigger than winning the NBA Cup. However, a $657.9 million franchise director has identified the Lakers ace as the star to feature in his highly-rated movie, amid LeBron and Michael Jordan’s movie partnership failure.  

Zack Snyder wants LeBron James collab

Zack Snyder, the renowned director and cinematographer of fantasy war films, has grand ambitions for his upcoming Rebel Moon universe. The universe kicks off on December 21 with its debut film, Rebel Moon: Part One: A Child of Fire, set to release on Netflix. The second installment, titled The Scargiver, is scheduled to premiere on April 19, 2024.

A $657.9 million franchise director says he plans to feature LeBron James in epic movie despite  LeBron initial disappointing  Michael Jordan sequel
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The premiere for Rebel Moon: Part One took place on Wednesday, December 13, at the TCL Chinese Theater in California and turned out to be a star-studded event. Marc Malkin of Variety had an exclusive chat with Zack and his wife, Deborah Snyder, on the red carpet. Deborah, also the producer of the movie, joined in on the conversation. When asked about their dream casting ideas for future films in the Rebel Moon Universe, Zack expressed his desire to have NBA legend LeBron James in one of the movies, acknowledging that it might sound crazy.

Responding to Variety’s question about his dream cast for the Rebel Moon Universe, the Justice League director hesitated at first before boosting, “I have an embarrassment of riches. To dream bigger than that just seems rude.” However, when pressed by the interviewer, Zack didn’t shy away from aiming high. “I think if I could get LeBron James in a movie… I know that sounds crazy. I’m just saying… but yeah, we’ll see as the story evolves,” he said.

If Zack Snyder envisions having LeBron James in a movie, it seems like an exciting prospect. Zack has prior experience directing NBA legend Michael Jordan in his documentary titled Playground. 

LeBron James’ “Space Jam” failed to leave its mark

LeBron, celebrated as the foremost basketball star globally, extends beyond the realm of basketball. He stands as an iconic figure in the sports industry and plays a crucial role in the marketing landscape. Choosing to feature ‘King’ James in an advertising campaign or as the face of a brand has the potential to propel it to unparalleled heights.

A $657.9 million franchise director says he plans to feature LeBron James in epic movie despite  LeBron initial disappointing  Michael Jordan sequel
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Adding an unexpected twist to LeBron James’s story is his venture into Hollywood, where he not only clinches four NBA championships but also emerges as a burgeoning movie star. Recognized by the jersey number ’23,’ LeBron James takes a leading role, both as an actor and producer, in the film ‘Space Jam: New Legends.’ Deviating from the original script, James collaborates with Warner Bros. Studios, bringing the Michael Jordan legacy to the big screen alongside a diverse cast.

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