Kevin Durant talks on Suns “struggling” to dominate opposition teams after narrow victory over Wizards

The Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant has spoken about the current condition of his team after a narrow win against the Washington Wizards. The Suns did not have the best start this season and have been struggling to make it in the most crucial matches.

They fell against the Los Angeles Lakers in the in-season tournament and then were victimized by the Knicks and the Nets. They are winning games occasionally but that is not enough to get them through to the playoffs this season.

Kevin Durant on Suns 4th quarter struggles

The Suns faced the Washington Wizards on Sunday and were seen struggling against the Wizards in the final quarter. This is not a one-time case but a recurring situation for the Suns, who now seem to be losing more than winning, especially because of their poor performance in the fourth quarter. Despite having top-level talents like Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, and Bradley Beal, they have shown signs of struggle even against teams that are not doing that well themselves.

The trio of Booker, KD, and Beal who played for the first time together against the Nets, were not enough to secure a win. Kevin Durant talked about this after the game against the Wizards and said, “We have been struggling in the fourth quarter this year, but tonight was a step in the right direction and we want to build off of it and try to keep getting better.” The Suns, despite struggling in the fourth quarter, were able to outscore the Wizards to secure a narrow victory and avoid humiliation at home.

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Suns HC talks on teams’ performance

The head coach of the Phoenix Suns, Frank Vogel, attended a post-game conference after the match against the Wizards to answer the questions of the media and fans. Many people are holding Vogel accountable for not being able to use the great talents on the squad properly, as there seems to be no reason for the Suns to struggle in the final quarter of every other match, given that great in-form players play for them.

Frank Vogel talked about the team’s diminishing performance in the final quarter during the press conference and reportedly said, “We just have to close better… I do not think it is gonna be a big-picture problem for us but it has been one earlier in this season.” Vogel pointed out that the team needs to focus on ending a game in the final quarter, he thinks that it won’t be a problem for them in the long run but currently, they need to work on it. For now, the Suns fans can believe in the head coach’s words and hope for improvement as the season progresses.

What do you think about Kevin Durant’s statements about the Suns struggling in the final quarter? What do you think of HC Frank Vogel’s statements? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop them down in the comments and let us know.

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