Aaron Rodgers describes his injury struggle as ‘retirement-like’, targets practice return in 2 weeks

While Aaron Rodgers is recovering from his torn Achilles, Zach Wilson has been leading the Jets. With a 4-6 record, the team has slipped in the AFC East after displaying a promising performance in the midway. Though Gang Green showcased immense commitment to Wilson despite his poor performance, they wouldn’t likely repeat the same mistake in the upcoming games.

The Jets have declared Tim Boyle their starting quarterback in the match against the Miami Dolphins in Week 12, keeping Trevor Siemian as his back up. Meanwhile, a new timeline about Rodgers potential return to the practice field has once again hit the headlines.

Aaron Rodgers says his injury struggle as ‘retirement-like’

During his weekly appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show,” Rodgers was asked by the host how it feels to stay away from the Jets squad while rehabbing from injury. The veteran said he had nothing left but to take the blow of torn Achilles positively.

“It’s awful most days to be honest I mean I think you have to find some beauty in the midst of it um a lot of people have said you know everything happens for a reason you know and that’s their calling card and I’ve just never really subscribed to that.”

The dual-threat revealed his painful emotional setback during the recovery period, saying it made him feel like he is “retired” from the league. Though the veteran frequently sparked retirement rumors while donning the Green Bay Packers jersey, he said he can still play at the high level.

“I’ve been in kind of what it feels like to be retired I’ve been away from the team you know for much of this 10 weeks other than seeing them on some game days and I’m never you know never not with my squad in the fall never made my false schedule since I was you know in High School playing ball. So I’ve got to look at what that feels like and I’m not ready for that I still feel like I’ve got a few good years left and can still play high level and and look forward to getting a chance to show that.”

A-Rod revealed how he made sure to stay available to his teammates to clear his head to contemplate his life in the league. He went on to say that though the blow was unexpected, he has had reconnected with some of his friends that wouldn’t have happened had he been in jersey the entire time. The signal-caller didn’t forget to thank his well-wishers who stepped up for him when he was going through the sadness and frustration of the injury.

Aaron Rodgers targets to return to practice before his birthday

Rodgers is going to hit 40 on Dec. 2, and just like other elite players, he would like to be a “trending” topic at that time. The veteran unleashed an unofficial target for his return, linking his birthday

Days ago, Jay Glazer of Fox Sports revealed the four-time MVP’s potential 21-day practice window might start on Dec. 2. However, ESPN predicted it would start on Dec. 6 to get prepared for Gang Green’s Dec. 24 game against the Washington Commanders. He also boldly claimed that the speed of his prolonged recovery process never slowed down.

“The speed at which I’m doing the rehab has been the same from the beginning — push it as hard as we can every single day.”

Days ago, the signal-caller sent a video to the Jets of him working out from his rehab facility in the Los Angeles area, which “blew their minds”. However, the vet said he likes to stay connected to his team regarding every update on his recovery process.

“Yeah, I like to keep in touch with the guys and let them know what my progress is. I just sent a couple of the boys a video of me on the treadmill. They’re interested in my rehab and where I’m at.”

The 10-time Pro Bowler said he still needs to strengthen his heel and calf, despite showcasing noticeable improvement lately. However, he again boldly claimed of being ahead of common protocol.

“Obviously we’re way ahead of common protocol. The jogging, I think, has exponentially improved the strength, and then it’s kind of sped up [the rehab]. … Things have progressed pretty nicely these last few weeks.”

The signal-caller said he would like to return to Gang Green later this week. Meanwhile, head coach Robert Saleh said days ago that the team wouldn’t hold the QB back from a return as long as he felt it would be right.

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