Chiefs TE Travis Kelce jokes about Aaron Rodgers’ “Game Day” on Tuesdays

Among all the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets players, the bonding between Travis Kelce and Aaron Rodgers is always hyped, due to their non-stop back-and-forth public trolling that dates from COVID-19. The Tom and Jerry-like duo is seemingly always in a hunt to grab an opportunity for gifting lighthearted taunts to one another.

While the Chiefs tight end views it as a positive source of competitiveness as he appears to be unable to participate in an on-field altercation with Aaron Rodgers this season, NFL fans view it as merely entertainment.

Travis adds another chapter to the ongoing banter with Rodgers

Back in October, Rodgers made his first public appearance during the Chiefs vs. Jets play in Week 4 following a season-ending injury. Though the Jets assembled their first loss of the season with Aaron in the locker room, the Chief’s play was also abortive in winning the Jets’ starter’s heart.

During his appearance on the “Pat McAfee Show,” Rodgers’ mockery of the Chiefs’ offense launched a new name, “Mr. Pfizer,” for the Chiefs’ two-time Super Bowl winner.

Amid these situations, Travis Kelce uttered that whatever the Jets superstar’s mouth says, in his mind there are no grudges for Travis during a recent interview with J.R. Moehringer of the Wall Street Journal.

“Aaron’s always been cool to me,” he said, per

The 34-year-old sees Rodgers’ taunting back-to-back remarks on him as a means of finding some solace in the midst of his season-ending injury as he could not participate in “Tuesday games”.

“I knew he was trying to have some fun. He’s in a situation where Tuesdays are his game days…. So I get it, man, I’ve been injured too…. Who knows what the guy is going through?”

Though the 18-season vet player is seemingly fit and ready to make a run again this season, things will only be possible under some critical circumstances that Kelce comprehended easily.

Travis Kelce responded to Aaron Rodgers’ Pfizer joke

The humorous name given by Rodgers infuriated the football fans, yet Travis Kelce accepted the name wholeheartedly, framing it as “pretty good”. Rodgers engaged in this words of war with the Chiefs’ star tight end for his presence as the media ambassador of the Johnson & Johnson company.

In this regard, Kelce evidently discovered himself as a lucky one, being engaged in a cold war between Rodgers and the company, popular for spreading awareness for COVID-19.

“I mean with the ‘stache right now, I look like a guy named Mr. Pfizer. Who knew I’d get into a vax war with Aaron Rodgers, man. Mr. Pfizer versus the Johnson & Johnson family over there.”

Whatever the case is, Kelce’s discussion could not get a good score to satisfy Rodgers, who is clearly in opposition to the COVID-19 vaccine and purportedly refused to take it.

Hence, he welcomed Taylor Swift’s rumored boyfriend for a debate with a clear end in sight. In Kelce’s mind, there was perhaps fear of encountering a battle, triggering him to avoid the offer instantly with a witty response.

The NFL fans surely missed a chance of a highly placed off-field battle. Don’t you think so?

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