Aaron Rodgers expresses sympathy for Zach Wilson amid Robert Saleh’s comical take on sideline collision

To get rid of playoff droughts, the New York Jets inked Aaron Rodgers while flooring a roadway for Zach Wilson to accumulate expertise under the guidance of the 18-season vet player. Nevertheless, Rodgers’s season-ending injury dashed all the Jet’s plans, forcing the team to leave the whole platform for Wilson.

In spite of failing to prove him as a perfect backup for Rodgers, the Jets team made enough excuses to close their season with Zach. Yet following their Week 11 loss, Robert Saleh pissed off convincing his trust in their starter and declared that he was sidelining him. In the thick of these hard times, Rodgers himself ended up being a visible Wilson supporter.

Rodgers speaks out on Zach Wilson’s benching

Though until Week 11, Saleh gave a long leash to Zach Wilson, his 11-20 in his starts, including a 3-6 mark this year, was a great proof behind the coach’s decision to bench him in the upcoming contest of the Jets.

During his weekly participation on the “Pat McAfee” show, Rodgers spelled out his positive attitude for the Jet’s struggling starter. In response to benching his backup player, Rodgers conveys his affection for Zach and optimism for a fruitful career for the 24-year-old in the league

“We need a spark, and obviously this is the decision that was made. I feel for Zach. I love Zach. Zach’s such a great kid and I do think he still has a bright future in the league.”

The 11th-ranked Jets defense in scoring and yards allowed is now placed at 30th in both of those categories offensively through 11 weeks, per NFL.com. Nevertheless, A-rod is not keen yet to blame only Wilson for the blunder, as he thinks the whole offense should be accountable for the disastrous performances.

“This has been a tough go for all of us. A lot of times in these situations, there’s certain guys they’ve got to scapegoat, and I think there’s enough blame to go around at a number of positions. If you’ve got 10 guys doing it right on a play and one guy not, it’s hard to be efficient.”

Zach has racked up 1,944 yards, six touchdowns, and seven interceptions so far this season. Against the New England Patriots on November 22, he was unable to hold onto the starting position. He struggled once more in a pivotal Week 11 matchup against the Buffalo Bills, ultimately getting benched late in the third quarter.

The Jets already promoted Tim Boyle to starter and instilled Trevor Siemian as backup, hinting at the end of the Wilson era, at least for this season.

Saleh playfully addresses the collision with Zach Wilson

After receiving a punch from Bills linebacker Tyrel Dodson just outside the sideline during the third quarter of the Jets vs. Bills game, Zach Wilson scrambled and ran out of bounds. He soon discovered his head coach on the sidelines after colliding with Saleh.

Much like his struggling starter, who consistently fell short of turning opportunities into success, the head coach himself failed to secure a quarterback who could rescue them. The head coach-starter duo ended up ferreting out their presence on the ground.

During a post-match press conference, Saleh spoke about the incident, claiming it was a mistake to recall his abilities to grab Wilson at this age.

“My reaction time is severely diminished… I forgot that I’m old.”

Failing was a common scenario for Zach during the whole night in Week 11, as it started with a humorous field entrance as he slipped backward to the ground while running out on the field.

What’s your take on the Jet’s decision regarding Zach Wilson in the middle of the season?

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