LeBron James is excited for Bronny to return from college while Bryce transfers to Sierra Canyon

The world has witnessed several wealthy and famous athletes before LeBron James. But only a few could manage the fame along with family. This is what makes LeBron a unique role model to millions and inspires others to stand up for what is right.

Many feel LeBron James would be too busy for family time due to the nature of his profession as a basketball star. Nevertheless, King James still spares time for his family and recently expressed excitement about his son Bronny’s surprise home visit, amid an important announcement about Bryce James. 

LeBron James is excited for Bronny to return home

Despite the fame and wealth LeBron James has achieved in life, his love for children remains unwavering. LeBron James loves his kids and enjoys it when his oldest son, Bronny, goes to watch some of his games. Following the Los Angeles Lakers victory over the Houston Rockets last Sunday, LeBron shared his excitement over Bronny coming back home from college.

Bronny James visit home from college excite his father LeBron James who also announce Bryce transfer to Canyon
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“It’s just great to have him here,” LeBron added. “I mean obviously we know what happened in the summer. So, I see my man with a smile… He’s a big-time college kid, so if anybody got college kids you know they leave and you might not see them for a week or two and then they show up at your house, it’s time to get their clothes clean and they want a fresh meal. It makes me super super duper happy.”

When someone asked if Bronny, who is currently at USC, has been doing that, LeBron replied in the affirmative.

“Yeah, yesterday was the first time I’ve seen him in two weeks,” LeBron stated. “But it’s okay and I understand that. He got to school, he got to practice, he’s training, listen the boy’s 19 years old, but that’s what FaceTime is for.”

It’s nice to see LeBron giving Bronny plenty of freedom and not trying to be too controlling, especially after he recovered from multiple health issues that started since the July cardiac arrest incident. However, LeBron James is okay with the 19-year-old doing his own thing and is simply happy to have him home every couple of weeks.

LeBron James announces Bryce’s Sierra Canyon return

LeBron James’ younger son, Bryce James, was expected to join Notre Dame this season after transferring. However, there are reports that he has decided to return to Sierra Canyon in a significant move.

The reports also mention that Bryce will be able to play for Sierra Canyon once he’s cleared by CIF. This report was later confirmed by LeBron James who posted the news of Bryce returning to Sierra Canyon with Bryce’s photos on his Instagram stories.

Bronny James visit home from college excite his father LeBron James who also announce Bryce transfer to Canyon
LeBron James Via Getty

Bryce, the youngest son of LeBron, is believed by some in the basketball world to have the potential to become a future superstar. He has already been associated with top colleges like Ohio State and USC. Bryce played for Sierra Canyon during his freshman and sophomore high school seasons, impressing fans with his performance. After his sophomore year, there were reports of him playing for Campbell Hall, but he ultimately transferred to Notre Dame.

Now breaking news on Tuesday reveals that Bryce will be playing the 2023-24 season for the program where he initially started his high school career. The reason behind Bryce James’ decision remains unclear, and LeBron is likely to be questioned about it soon. Regardless of the rationale, this marks a significant development in the youngster’s high school basketball career.

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