Aaron Rodgers injury update: Jets QB likely to be out for the season

For the 13th straight season, the New York Jets missed the playoffs, marking them as the first NFL team with the longest playoff drought. That was not the scenario when Aaron Rodgers stepped into the Big Apple with Lombardi Trophy aspirations.

Since Rodgers debuted, including the season-ending injury, without the five wins, nothing went well for the Jets. Now that the team is eyeing to have him back on the field, uncertainty has soared regarding his potential return. 

Aaron Rodgers likely to be out for the season

In a recent appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Aaron Rodgers cast doubt on the likelihood of his return to the field for the New York Jets this season. The quarterback, who has been navigating a recovery journey since a season-disrupting Achilles injury, expressed a pragmatic view of his current physical state, stating, “It’s unrealistic” to expect him to be at full capacity in the immediate future.

During the show, Rodgers provided insight into his medical status, admitting he’s not “100% fully medically cleared” and that he needs 3–4 more weeks.

 “If I was 100% today, I’d be definitely pushing to play, but the fact is, I’m not. I’ve been working hard to get closer to that, but I’m still 14 weeks, tomorrow, from my surgery, and being medically cleared as 100% healed is just not realistic at 14 weeks.”

This candid admission hinted at the challenges he faces in achieving optimal health for a potential comeback. Despite acknowledging the impracticality of a 100% recovery at this stage, Rodgers didn’t definitively rule out playing again this season. Nevertheless, the tone of his comments on the show strongly suggested a more cautious approach.

Attempting to defy the odds of a typically season-ending Achilles injury, Rodgers embarked on an ambitious mission to return to the field. With prompt surgery, which reportedly involved a ‘speed bridge’ procedure to expedite healing, Rodgers set his sights on the fastest recovery in professional sports history.

Soon after consulting with renowned surgeon Dr. Neal, the quarterback aimed to cut down significantly on the traditional recovery timeline.

In the weeks that followed, Rodgers made appearances on the Jets sideline during home games, initially on crutches. Within a short span, he progressed to actively throwing the ball on the field before games, contributing to the Jets’ upset victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. Amid these glimpses of progress, Rodgers shared a cryptic post, hinting at a potential return in Week 16 when the Jets face the Washington Commanders.

As the Jets opened the 21-day practice window for Rodgers prior to Week 13, the team faced a crucial decision. This window provided a three-week timeframe for evaluating Rodgers’ readiness and deciding whether to activate him or make the difficult choice to shut him down for the remainder of the season.

Despite engaging in individual work and sideline throwing sessions, the 40-year-old has notably refrained from participating in 11-on-11 drills.

Jets must activate Aaron Rodgers off IR game vs Dolphins

Wednesday serves as the pivotal deadline for the Jets to activate A-Rod to the main roster, which marks 14 weeks post-Rodgers’ surgery. Aaron Rodgers must be taken off IR by this Wednesday to keep the possibility of playing this season alive.

Originally brought in from the Green Bay Packers during the offseason, Rodgers was anticipated to be a transformative force for the Jets, elevating a team with emerging offensive talents and a robust defense to Super Bowl contention. Unfortunately, fate had other plans as Rodgers’s season-ending injury cleared the way for backup quarterback Zach Wilson.

Since Wilson took over from Rodgers after his Week 1 injury, he started the subsequent nine games and managed a 3-6 record. Following a subpar performance against the Buffalo Bills in Week 11, Wilson found himself on the bench, making way for journeyman Tim Boyle.

Boyle helmed the team in Week 12 against the Miami Dolphins and Week 13 in a loss to the Atlanta Falcons.

Despite “initial reluctance” about starting, Wilson made a comeback in Week 14, delivering one of his career’s best performances in a 30-6 victory over the Houston Texans before facing setbacks against the Dolphins.

Meanwhile, Wilson is currently in concussion protocol, raising the possibility of Trevor Siemian taking the reins at quarterback against the Commanders, per the report from Yahoo Sports.

To keep yourself updated with the latest quarterback twist, stay tuned.

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