Aaron Rodgers’ political career folds just like his Jets debut season

Since arriving in New York, Aaron Rodgers has made more waves off the field than on it, despite his past success with the Green Bay Packers. His on-field prowess has taken a backseat to the drama surrounding his off-field activities, keeping him consistently in the spotlight.

Following a series of dramatic episodes with Jimmy Kimmel, the starting quarterback for the New York Jets has once again captured headlines, this time for rumors of a potential political career. Nevertheless, it appears that these rumors may not come to fruition.

Aaron Rodgers is out of VP running

The political arena is buzzing with controversy as Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s potential choice of running mate sparks backlash. Initially, there was speculation that Aaron Rodgers might join Kennedy on the campaign trail. Nevertheless, Mediaite reports that Kennedy has instead selected California-based attorney and entrepreneur Nicole Shanahan as his running mate for the upcoming race.

Rodgers’ exclusion from consideration has raised eyebrows, particularly among campaign donors who expressed concerns about his potential selection. Despite being previously named as a contender alongside former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura, Rodgers’ aspirations to join the political fray have been quashed.

A political campaign would undoubtedly have posed a significant obstacle to his football career. While some speculated that the entire story was merely a publicity stunt, it inadvertently thrust Rodgers into the spotlight as a figure associated with Sandy Hook conspiracy theories.

Recently, the 40-year-old faced scrutiny following a CNN report alleging that he espoused conspiracy theories regarding the tragic 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Accusations surfaced claiming Rodgers believed the shooting to be an inside government job, with the media complicit in covering it up.

Nevertheless, after the tumultuous episode, A-rod can now move forward, free from the shadows of controversy. As he prepares for a crucial season with the Jets, he can focus on his football career.

Aaron Rodgers told to get retired

After facing injury setbacks last season, Aaron Rodgers is gearing up for the upcoming season with the Jets. While he is contemplating retirement after a couple of seasons, sports analyst Nick Wright suggests that Rodgers should retire from the NFL altogether.

Wright’s sentiments stem from his belief that Rodgers’ heart may no longer be fully committed to football, citing the quarterback’s diverse interests outside of the sport.

“Aaron Rodgers should just retire. His heart’s not in it, he has other interests, god bless him. I mean, there’s plenty of people athletes, turned politicians, and Aaron Rodgers, what you can’t do is both. In a world where Baker Mayfield still gets criticized for a couple of days of insurance commercials during the offseason.”

Wright’s criticism of Rodgers is not new, as he previously labeled the Jets quarterback as “the most disingenuous athlete” during a segment in 2023. The heart of his criticism was Rodgers’ controversial views on vaccines, retirement considerations, and perceived lack of loyalty to his former team. Meanwhile, this time around, Wright reiterated his stance.

“I know that people are expecting me to call Aaron Rodgers disingenuous because he is the most disingenuous athlete of my lifetime,” he said, per Sportskeeda.

Nevertheless, the Jets organization remains steadfast in their support of their offensive leader. With the team actively bolstering their roster to provide A-rod with the necessary tools for success, there is a collective determination to help the quarterback achieve his goal of securing a Lombardi Trophy with the Jets.

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