Amazon eyes $50 billion NBA streaming deal amid ESPN and TNT cutbacks

The NBA keeps expanding and has big plans to grow even bigger in every area. Adam Silver recently expressed his happiness about what Amazon Prime Video is doing in the NFL. The NBA Commissioner is moving towards bringing some great innovations into the league.

He wants NBA games to be streamed, whether it’s on Tuesday night or Thursday night, as seen in the NFL. However, recent reports are claiming that the NBA is working on partnering with one of the leading multinational technology companies in the world, ‘Amazon,’ in a deal that could be worth $50 billion.

NBA reportedly explores $50 billion deal with Amazon

The NBA is reportedly in discussions with Amazon to strike a groundbreaking media rights deal potentially valued between $50 and $70 billion, starting from the 2025-26 season. The move aims to create an NBA equivalent of the NFL’s “Thursday Night Football,” establishing a designated marquee night each week. Amazon’s appeal lies in its ability to engage a younger demographic, seven years younger than the NFL’s legacy partners. This strategic partnership could expose the NBA to a fresh audience.

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The concept of a weekly “big night” with a stacked lineup of games could be enticing to the league and its leadership. If Amazon secures the deal, it would disrupt the NBA’s existing streaming partnerships with ESPN, and CBS Sports. Amazon could cater to the preferences of larger audiences, offering on-demand access and additional features, potentially impacting the NBA salary cap positively, and resulting in larger earnings for teams and players. This ambitious deal would be a significant shift in the sports media industry.

ESPN and TNT look to buy fewer games

In the upcoming negotiations for the NBA’s next media rights deals, it appears that current partners ESPN and TNT are considering the option of buying fewer games. Both networks are looking to reduce costs, and a report from The Wall Street Journal suggests they might purchase smaller packages of games, totaling about 165 nationally televised games. While ESPN and TNT aim to maintain their involvement in the next rights deal, they are seeking to do so without overspending.

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This strategic move by ESPN and TNT opens the door for the NBA to explore partnerships with streaming services like Amazon and Apple. These streaming platforms have shown interest in acquiring a more significant share of NBA games. The prospect of new entrants into the media rights landscape benefits the league, and it aligns with the changing preferences of viewers who are increasingly turning to streaming platforms. The negotiations are still ongoing, with exclusive windows for ESPN and TNT set to expire in April, making the final arrangement intriguing to watch. 

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