Antoine Griezmann labels Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes the GOAT on IG following Super Bowl victory

Soccer stars often have an interest outside of the sport, and Antoine Griezmann is no different. The Atletico Madrid star is a proper sportsman, and when he’s not playing football or doing anything related to the sport, he’s busy following American football, which we all know as the NFL.

As a big NFL fan, Antoine Griezmann followed the recently concluded Super Bowl contest between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. In the aftermath of the game, Griezmann declared a particular Chiefs player the game’s greatest player of all time in a subtle yet special social media post.

Antoine Griezmann calls Patrick Mahomes the GOAT on IG

Just like every big NFL fan outside the United States, Antoine Griezmann followed the Super Bowl LVIII, which was played to determine the champion of the 2023 season of the NFL. Following the Kansas City Chiefs’ triumph in overtime over the San Francisco 49ers, Antoine Griezmann took to social media to declare Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs’ famous quarterback, the GOAT (greatest of all time).

Mahomes was declared the MVP of the Super Bowl, which is, by some distance, America’s biggest sporting event. There were a lot of firsts with the game. For example, it was the first Super Bowl to be played in the state of Nevada. It also became the first Super Bowl since 2009 to be decided in overtime.

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Patrick Mahomes’ MVP was his third, putting him on the exclusive list of players with three or more MVP awards, which includes the likes of Tom Brady and Joe Montana, with Brady winning the MVP award five times, the most of any player in the history of the Super Bowl.

Antoine Griezmann gifted signed jersey to Travis Kelce

Antoine Griezmann is a big NFL fan, and he once gifted a contract to Travis Kelce, who is in a high-profile relationship with pop star Taylor Swift. The pair were all over each other during the Super Bowl, and the latest Album of the Year winner at the Grammy’s didn’t hold back to show his man some love after he became a Super Bowl champion with the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Antoine Griezmann even took part in a promotional photo of the NFL final, with the collaboration between Atletico Madrid and Mundo NFL, the NFL regional body in Spain, to promote the final between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. The photo also involved Antoine Griezmann’s teammate and captain Koke, as they both dressed up in full American football shirts and gear, with Griezmann donning the Chiefs’ jersey.

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After losing to Sevilla in their last La Liga game, Antoine Griezmann and Atletico Madrid will now shift their attention to Las Palmas, which will take place on Sunday, February 17th.


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