Patrick Mahomes to potentially join Tom Brady and Joe Montana in NFL history books with Super Bowl LVIII win

Despite concluding the regular season with an 11-6 record, marking the lowest point in Patrick Mahomes’ tenure, the Kansas City Chiefs managed to gather steam, securing a spot in their fourth Super Bowl within five seasons. In alignment with Tyreek Hill’s earlier prediction, the Chiefs now stand on the cusp of claiming this season’s Vince Lombardi Trophy.

With just hours remaining until kickoff of the nail-biting final game, all eyes are on the Chiefs quarterback as he looks to etch his name alongside NFL legends Tom Brady and Joe Montana.

Patrick Mahomes is on the brink of NFL greatness

If Patrick Mahomes can lead the Chiefs to victory against the Brock Purdy-led 49ers, he will join Brady and Montana as the only quarterbacks in history with at least 15 career playoff wins. With back-to-back championships on the line, Mahomes is determined to solidify his legacy and join the elite ranks of quarterbacks who have achieved this feat.

With the opportunity to make history, he is focused on leading the Chiefs to their second consecutive Super Bowl title, a feat that has not been accomplished since the New England Patriots in 2003 and 2004. At just 28 years old, he has the chance to win his third Super Bowl, trailing only one behind Brady during their first six seasons in the NFL.

Pat has already made his mark in the playoffs, breaking records alongside his tight-end teammate Travis Kelce. Their hard-fought victory in the AFC divisional playoffs saw them surpass the previous record for playoff touchdowns held by Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

Despite his impressive performance and projections as a potential “GOAT,” Mahomes remains humble about his achievements compared to Brady. While Mahomes Sr. boldly claims Brady’s greatness over his son, Brady himself acknowledges Mahomes’ talent and impact on the game.

Patrick Mahomes’ record in NFL Super Bowl’s

Patrick Mahomes is no stranger to Super Bowl success, having already secured two championships in his young NFL career. His first triumph came in 2020, when he led the Kansas City Chiefs to victory over the San Francisco 49ers, ending a 50-year championship drought for the team, per In that game, he amused his fans with his versatility by throwing for 286 yards and rushing for a touchdown in a 31-20 win.

Just three years later, he was back on the Super Bowl stage, this time leading the Chiefs to a victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII. Once again, Mahomes shone brightly, earning the game’s MVP honors for the second time in his career. This remarkable achievement made him the first quarterback since Kurt Warner in 2022 to win both the NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP awards in the same season.

The two-time Super Bowl winner has already cemented his place among NFL greats regardless of the outcome of Sunday’s Super Bowl. In fact, he is two years younger than Brady was when he played in his fourth Super Bowl in 2007.

A victory in Super Bowl LVIII would strengthen his legacy, as he could join the likes of Brady and Troy Aikman as the only quarterbacks to win three Super Bowls before turning 30. 

With his unmatched talent and determination, Mahomes has the potential to rewrite the record books and leave an indelible mark on the sport for years to come.

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