Bengals WR Tee Higgins potential catch-of-the-year leaves Vikings Justin Jefferson stunned: “You’re crazy”

The Cincinnati Bengals have witnessed one of the most turbulent seasons this year. They started the season with a losing streak with injured quarterback Joe Burrow. As Joe Cool started to recover, the team also started winning consecutive games. However, when the QB went down with a season-ending blow, Cincy once again started to get embroiled in another losing streak.

Fortunately, the Bengals found their lost charm in Jake Browning and have ensured three consecutive victories. A huge part in their recent win against the Minnesota Vikings was played by their wide receiver Tee Higgins, who later earned a nod from the rival’s veteran Justin Jefferson.

Tee Higgins with outstanding TD catch

The Bengals’ clash against the Minnesota Vikings in Week 15 witnessed a thrilling comeback that ultimately culminated in a jaw-dropping moment. In a remarkable display of skill, Tee Higgins secured a game-changing 21-yard touchdown catch against Vikings cornerback Akayleb Evans with a mere 39 seconds remaining in regulation. The gravity-defying catch tied the score at 24-24, and led the game into suspenseful overtime, where Cincy secured a 27-24 victory.

The WR was seemingly in awe while reflecting on his incredible snag as he candidly shared his thought process. He recounted the moment in a post-match, saying, “I knew I caught it around the [1-yard line] so, I just, took a wild guess and just reached back, and I looked up at the ref and he had his arms up.”

This incredible move by the receiver, a “wild guess” in his own words, proved vital in the Bengals way to an eventual victory. For Tee Higgins, breaking his touchdown drought since Week 2 brought an overwhelming sense of relief and joy.

The veteran sounded overly happy while describing the moment, saying, “Oh my god, bro, that s— felt good. Felt good to get back in that box, man. It’s been a long time.”

Quarterback Jake Browning lauded the pivotal roles played by both Higgins and Ja’Marr Chase. He praised the WR’s alpha-like presence on the field while highlighting the comfort he feels in throwing to them.

“I feel like they’re both alphas the entire time. Like there’s a one A and one B, and I got a ton of comfort. And maybe Tee doesn’t feel that way. But I throw it to him like he’s gonna be the alpha all the time”, he said via The Sports Rush.

However, adversity struck the Bengals as Chase suffered a separated shoulder during the game. He left the field in the fourth quarter after recording four receptions and 64 yards and didn’t resume play once again.

Justin Jefferson hails Tee Higgins

In a season riddled with setbacks and hurdles, Saturday’s game was a resounding sigh of relief for Tee Higgins. Battling through a series of challenges, including an early rib fracture against the Tennessee Titans, he faced an uphill climb to regain his form, and Week 15 became a turning point in his season.

The game witnessed a remarkable catch from the WR that transcended mere on-field moments. The significance of his catch eventually went beyond the game-tying moment as it revitalized the team’s playoff aspirations. Even rival Justin Jefferson was left impressed at his outstanding catch.

The Vikings’ Justin Jefferson was spotted congratulating Higgins post-game while expressing his admiration with words like, “That was crazy! You’re crazy for that one.”

Jefferson’s acknowledgment of the Cincy receiver’s unparalleled catch once again highlighted the exceptional sportsmanship of the rival’s skills. Meanwhile, beyond the spectacular catch, Tee Higgins’ Week 15 display can be labeled as one of his finest moments in the 2023 season. The WR’s stats speak volumes as he secured four catches for 61 yards and clinched two receiving scores.


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