“Better than Michael Jordan already”: LeBron James’ son Bryce dazzles fans with impressive debut performance for Notre Dame

LeBron James has been at the top of the basketball world for two decades and now it seems like his son Bryce James aspires to inherit the throne his father has held for years. Bryce James is nowhere near to an NBA debut right now, but he recently made his debut for his new high school.

Bryce is currently sixteen years old and is studying at Notre Dame high school. He made his debut for his school’s basketball team where his performance was excellent. A video montage of him playing was uploaded on social media and the netizens are loving it. One person even compared him to the legendary Michael Jordan, going as far as to say Bryce looked better.

Bryce James impresses during NotreDame debut

Bryce James debuted for his high school basketball team, Notre Dame, and a video montage of his performance is making rounds on X (formerly Twitter). The 16-year-old is pretty impressive for his age and is showing early signs of great potential.

As the son of arguably the greatest basketball player on the planet, he already bears great expectations from people around the world. The accomplishments of his father are among the greatest in the sport and people come to expect great things from the child of a great man. Bryce doesn’t seem to let down those people as his skills on court were flawless.

Bryce James
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He showcased class and talent in the plays he made and the points he scored. The internet loved it and is showering young James with praises. It is great motivation for Bryce James but he should remember to not let those praises get to his head. LeBron has seen his fair share of fan antics in his career and he will be the perfect guiding light to steer his child to the right path and help him reach his full potential.

Fans reaction to Bryce James’ brilliant performance

The netizens loved Bryce James’ performance and were very appreciative of his hard work on the court. One fan compared him to Michael Jordan and said that he was even better. The comment read, “Better than Jordan already.”

Although it looks a bit disrespectful towards the great Michael Jordan, but the intention behind this comment may have been to encourage young Bryce.

The great achievements of MJ can’t be compared to a 16-year-old no matter how great potential he has. Another fan commented, “bro, literally jumped in the air instead of doing a hop step lol” appreciating the great athletic abilities of Bryce.

There is still some time before we can see Bryce James enlist for the NBA Draft. Until then it will be interesting to see his high school performance and follow his growth until the time comes for him to inherit the throne.

What do you think of the Bryce James’ performance? Do you think he will be able to match up with his father LeBron James if he decides to play in the NBA? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and share with us.

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