NBA Power Rankings: Why are Warriors 12th and Lakers 4th?

The new season is just around the corner with training camps starting soon for all the teams. With the escalating excitement among fans of the sport, the NBA power rankings have dropped, evoking wide reactions from different fanbases.

Ahead of the coming season, one ranking that has raised eyebrows is the Golden State Warriors sitting at an unexpected 12th position, while the Los Angeles Lakers, despite their struggles, finding themselves at a respectable 4th place.

Analyzing Warriors 12th and Lakers 4th in NBA Power Rankings

Both teams didn’t end up as per their expectations last year, but the NBA rankings certainly caused a conundrum amongst supporters leaving the topic open to be discussed.

In the Golden State Warriors’ case, they were faced with injuries to their star players, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, who had a huge influence in their last title win. Their absence impacted their overall performance and the team was left with a lot of weight on their shoulders.

Klay Thompson and Steph Curry
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The Warriors also underwent significant roster changes, transitioning to a younger and less experienced team, which affected their chemistry and consistency. With that, the team faced a challenging schedule early in the season, playing against some of the top contenders, resulting in a string of losses.

While for the Los Angeles Lakers, despite their struggles, they had both LeBron James and Anthony Davis, two focal superstars who possess the ability to carry the team to victory. They remained defensively strong, ranking high in key defensive categories, compensating for their offensive shortcomings. The LA Lakers had a much-experienced squad overall, resulting in strong team chemistry and solid performances that have made them a formidable force to reckon with.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis
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LA Lakers-Dubs fans’ views vary

The contrasting views of Lakers and Warriors fans reflect the deep-rooted rivalry between the two teams. Lakers supporters, confident in their squad’s strength, see the rankings as a testament to their team’s capabilities. In contrast, Warriors fans view the rankings as a mere snapshot of their current struggles, remaining steadfast in their belief that their team will soar higher in the upcoming season.

“Lakers too high, Suns and Warriors too low”‘, one fan wrote.

Another Warriors fan wrote, “Warriors are easily one. Just wait and see”

A Lakers fan was happy with the ranking and said it suited the stature of the team. “I’m pretty sure 4 is perfect for us lol anything higher wouldn’t be respected and anything lower would be disrespectful”, he wrote.

As per the NBA rankings, it may look surprising at first but in the ever-evolving landscape of the NBA, teams can rise or fall swiftly based on their performance and roster dynamics. It remains to be seen if the Warriors can reclaim their former glory or if the Lakers can maintain their impressive standing.

Whether these rankings accurately reflect the team’s abilities or not, the upcoming season holds the promise of thrilling basketball that will ultimately determine who truly deserves to be on top. The NBA is known for creating memorable moments and the fans are expecting and are sure that this season won’t disappoint them as well.

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