Bills slammed for “big time loser behaviour” after Donovan Smith, Jaylen Watson open up on post match hot water unavailability, snow hazard

The Buffalo Bills were fresh off a wildcard win against the Pittsburgh Steelers before heading to a divisional playoff match. After fighting with rough weather conditions throughout the last several days, the challenge for the team was to beat the Kansas City Chiefs at home.

Chiefs and their quarterback Patrick Mahomes had a unique challenge as the signal-caller never played a road playoff game. However, this challenge didn’t become a setback to Mahomes’ way of bolstering his playoff records. Pat and his squad picked up a phenomenal victory against the Bills at Bills Stadium. However, some alleged treatments of Bills and their fans earned them jabs from the Chiefs players.

Donovan Smith reveals Bills shutting off hot water supply after the match

The atmosphere at Highmark Stadium was tense as the Bills hosted the Chiefs, seeking to advance in the playoffs. However, despite having the home advantage, their aspirations crumbled in a 24-27 loss to the reigning champions. Meanwhile, the Chiefs, fresh from a grueling divisional round victory in freezing conditions, faced an unexpected challenge off the field.

After the game, Chiefs’ offensive tackle Donovan Smith took to social media to voice his grievances about the state of the visitors’ locker room. According to Smith, the Bills allegedly shut off the hot water supply, and the Chiefs had to endure cold showers in the aftermath of their chilly battle on the field.

“Damn caught a L and they shut off our hot water… smh its all good we got that Dub today,” wrote Smith via ABC4.

The Bills have yet to address the accusations or provide a statement regarding the reported lack of hot water in the visitors’ locker room. This silence leaves room for speculation about the treatment of the defending champion following a physically demanding game played in 20-degree weather.

Setting aside any potential issues, the Chiefs were able to secure their third playoff victory over the Bills in the last four seasons. Patrick Mahomes’ and Co had convincingly defeated Josh Allen’s Bills in both the AFC championship game of the 2020 season and the divisional round of the 2021 season.

Jaylen Watson complains about getting pelted with snowballs by Bills fans

The frigid weather in Buffalo during the NFL playoffs not only affected the games but also became a source of amusement and, for some, frustration. After the Chiefs’ loss to the Bills, cornerback Jaylen Watson voiced his displeasure due to being on the receiving end of a barrage of snowballs from Bills fans.

In a social media post following the Chiefs’ loss, Watson expressed his surprise at the onslaught of snowballs. He added a touch of sarcasm with the acknowledgment of the Bills Mafia’s “classy” approach.

“Never got hit wit so many snowballs in my life very classy GG tho”, Watson wrote.

Even after Watson, more Chiefs players like Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Drue Tranquill became targets of the Bills Mafia, extending the snowball saga. Valdes-Scantling encountered a minor disruption when a snowball was thrown at him while he was trying to make a touchdown catch.

Meanwhile, Tranquill managed to catch a snowball and playfully engaged with Bills fans by challenging them to a snowball fight, jokingly claiming that even his child throws more impressive snowballs than the Bills Mafia.

“I caught the snowball. If it didn’t break in my hand, it was getting launched right back at him. We’d beat them in a snowball fight too. Truth is, my four year old throws a meaner snowball than #BillsMafia”, Drue wrote in a post on X.

Even Patrick Mahomes wasn’t spared from the wintry onslaught. As he ventured towards the stands to greet fans, Bills Mafia members bombarded him with snowballs.


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