Bills WR Stefon Diggs cryptic post ignites trade speculations: “Ready for watever”

The Buffalo Bills closed their 2023 regular season with an incredible 11-6 record. However, their postseason journey was cut short by a 24-27 defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Bills are making off-season moves to ensure a Super Bowl run under quarterback Josh Allen’s leadership. The quarterback’s relationship with his wide receiver Stefon Diggs became a hot topic of discussion due to a former brawl. Whether the Cold War is going on or not remains uncertain. However, Diggs continues to spark trade rumors through his social media posts.

Stefon Diggs’ social media activity sparks trade rumors

The NFL teams are grappling with roster adjustments amidst cap constraints. Meanwhile, Stefon Diggs has once again ignited trade rumors with his enigmatic social media activity. Diggs’ cryptic posts have sent NFL fans into a frenzy, speculating his future with the Bills.

The wide receiver wrote, “Ready for watever [sic],” in a post on X, stirring speculation about a potential departure from the Bills. With four years remaining on his contract and a hefty salary of nearly $20 million per season, his departure would mark a significant shift for him and the team.

Stefon Diggs has remained elusive about his future since the Bills’ playoff exit. He randomly offers ambiguous responses when questioned by the media.

At the Pro Bowl Games, he hinted at the uncertainty surrounding his tenure with the Bills, stating, “I can’t tell you what the future holds, but I’m still being me,” he told ESPN.

The former Maryland player earned his Pro Bowl accolades during his tenure with the Bills but experienced a dip in performance towards the end of the recent season. This lackluster performance further fueled speculation about his departure.

Trading Diggs before June 1 presents a financial challenge for the Bills, as it would incur a substantial dead-cap hit. However, a post-June 1 trade could alleviate some of the financial burden by freeing up much-needed cap space for the team.

Best landing spots for Stefon Diggs?

The Bills are the favorites to retain Stefon Diggs, with a -350 favorite at DraftKings Sportsbook. Other contenders, like the Kansas City Chiefs, Houston Texans, and Dallas Cowboys, are also in the mix.

For the Chiefs, adding Diggs could be the missing piece to their offensive puzzle. The defending champion has Travis Kelce dominating as their primary receiving threat. Diggs’ arrival would alleviate pressure on Kelce by drawing coverage away from him.

Both players would have more opportunities as a result, and star quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ already effective Chiefs offense would benefit as well. However, the likelihood of a trade within the same conference remains to be determined.

Stefon Diggs
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The Texans are undergoing a rebuild with promising young quarterback C.J. Stroud at the helm. Acquiring a top-tier receiver like Diggs would provide Stroud with a valuable weapon and accelerate the team’s offensive progression. The Texans have the financial flexibility to invest in offensive firepower, making Diggs an attractive target.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys emerge as a potential landing spot due to Diggs’ familial connection. With his brother, Trevon Diggs, already on the roster and vocal about wanting Stefon to join him, the Cowboys offer a compelling narrative.

Trevon’s dissatisfaction with Stefon’s utilization in Buffalo adds fuel to the speculation, as the Cowboys could provide a platform for Stefon to showcase his talents to their fullest extent.

What do you think will be the best landing spot for the receiver?


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