How does Ferrari plan to close the gap against Red Bull? Charles Leclerc reveals strategy

This year, the fierce competition between Red Bull and Ferrari is heating up, evident from the intense battles witnessed in the initial two events of the season. Ferrari’s strategists are now intensifying their efforts to reclaim the dominance held by Red Bull.

Recently, in an interview, Charles Leclerc has expressed unwavering confidence and optimism about the team’s progress, aiming to become the leading force on the grid.

Charles Leclerc confident to catchup to Red Bull

Ferrari’s main driver, Charles Leclerc, has expressed willingness and confidence to close the huge gap in performance between Red Bull and their SF-24 F1 car on behalf of the team.

Right after the start of the 2025 campaign, Ferrari has faced a huge ordeal in their performance in the Bahrain Circuit due to the Monegasque driver facing technical issues in their car. However, despite the odds, Leclerc has still managed to remain as one of the top ten drivers, flexing his driving potential to the F1 enthusiasts.

The Italian based squad is now aiming to maximize its current package for the next Australian Grand Prix, while also preparing for a significant upgrade, known as the “EVO” iteration of the SF-24, which is most likely to intitiate at Imola in May.

Charles Leclerc talks on upgrades in SF24

Leclerc has spoken to the media, talking about the significant barrier that Ferrari aims to break from this season, to catch up with Red Bull and put an end to Max Verstappen’s dominance on the grid.

He stated, “It’s been a positive race [Saudi Arabian Grand Prix]. I think we are doing small steps in the right direction. The gap is still quite big, but if we keep working like that, I’m sure it’s a matter of time before we put the Red Bull under a bit more pressure.”

Further, he addressed the importance of upgrades and areas that Ferrari needs to work on, by saying, “In the last few months, we are the team that has improved the most because we have been working extremely well and we just have to keep doing that, it’s very clear which areas we have to work on.”

“I’m sure that our moment will come. I don’t know what Red Bull has in the pocket in terms of upgrades but that will define when exactly we’ll be able to match them,” Charles concluded.

However, if Red Bull decided to introduce new upgrades, the outcome remains uncertain for the remaining teams on the grid.

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