Boxing fans remind Francis Ngannou to ‘stay focused’ for Anthony Joshua fight as he engages with Kim Kardashian

Success in the sporting realm often makes fighters go above and beyond their original social circle as they will undoubtedly become acquainted with top celebrities worldwide. Therefore, it was not a surprise to see Francis Ngannou interacting with one of the most popular female celebrities on social media who is often called by fans ‘the most beautiful woman’.

Nonetheless, Ngannou’s social media actions come days before his scheduled fight inside the boxing ring against Anthony Joshua, the former unified boxing heavyweight champion and 2012 super heavyweight gold medalist in the Olympics.

Francis Ngannou reacts oddly to Kim Kardashian’s post

Kim Kardashian posted a sultry picture on X with the caption, “miss u”, and it certainly got the attention of Francis Ngannou. The former UFC heavyweight champion did not hesitate to interact as he reposted Kardashian’s post with a picture that insinuated whether Kardashian was talking about him.

Kardashian and her siblings have had past relationships with notable names from the showbiz and sporting world, particularly the NBA. However, Ngannou had never been involved with any women in public even though rumors speculated of a relationship with Miesha Tate, the former UFC bantamweight champion, married with two kids, per Mirror.

Nonetheless, Kardashian spoke highly of Ngannou after his impressive performance in his boxing debut against Tyson Fury, billed as Battle of the Baddest, where he came agonizingly close to defeating Fury.

“I am compatible with former UFC boxer Francis Ngannou. I feel his energy within me”, Kardashian said of Ngannou.

Ngannou did not respond at the time even though fight fans found Kardashian’s statement to be fascinating. Funnily enough, Kanye West, the ex-husband and father of her four kids, was among the notable celebrities in attendance to witness the Battle of the Baddest. Now, with both Kardashian and Ngannou being single, romance is not out of the woodwork.

Boxing fans ridicule Francis Ngannou’s Kim Kardashian response

Francis Ngannou’s recent social media interaction did not go well with boxing fans, particularly as Ngannou has a fight scheduled against Anthony Joshua in less than a week. From the comments of boxing fans on X, it is evident that they did not endorse what Ngannou did.

“Stay focused bro, you’ve got Aj in barely 72hrs”, commented one fan who remained Ngannou of his upcoming PPV headliner billed as Knockout Chaos. “Brother please stay away from that family”, another fan commented as they insinuated that acquainting with the Kardashians is a bad omen.

“NO FRANCIS RUN AS FAR AWAY FROM HER & HER FAMILY”, was the comment of another fan who even posted a quote made by Kanye West. “Haha. You stay focused Ngannou-son. Focus”, commented yet another user with a GIF of Mr. Miyagi from the acclaimed Karate Kid film series.

If he comes out victorious against Joshua in his upcoming fight, Ngannou might have something to say about his cryptic tweet as to whether or not he has a relationship with Kardashian. However, as of now, there has not been any official clarification from either party of a possible romantic relationship.

Do you think Francis Ngannou will defeat Anthony Joshua in his upcoming fight? Should fans be worried about Ngannou’s social media posts days before the fight with Joshua? Leave your thoughts below!


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