Logan Paul furiously responds to brother Jake Paul’s accusations that Logan is trying to “little bro” him as feud escalates

After a nearly three-year break, Logan Paul is making his boxing comeback in a Misfits Boxing event, where he’ll be pitted against Dillon Danis. Ahead of the event, headlining a bout between KSI and Tommy Fury, there seems to be some strain in the relationship between the Paul brothers.

Logan’s placement in an undercard role during a KSI-headlined event sparked heated exchanges between the Paul brothers on a recent episode of their Impaulsive podcast. The disagreement seems to have led to a feud, with Jake showing reluctance to accept input from his older brother.

Logan Paul blasts Jake Paul for sharing his feelings with “Stop overanalyzing”

After Jake emerged victorious in his latest boxing match against Nate Diaz, he appeared on a podcast where the host highlighted a specific moment displaying a picture that captured Jake’s triumphant moment against Diaz, with the crowd cheering in the background.

In contrast, the image also showed Logan sitting there with an appearance reminiscent of a supervillain. The Problem Child also agreed with what the host tried to point out and stated that Logan wasn’t quite happy with his success.

Logan immediately made a comment clarifying his situation. According to Maverick, he was already super tired from his SummerSlam appearance. Hence his appearance at The Dallas American Airlines Center wasn’t quite energetic.

“I had a wrestling match in front of 50,000 people & booked it across the country afterwards to watch you fight, I was BEYOND exhausted by this point, and it was obvious you were going to win STOP OVERANALYZING,” Logan said.

While on the podcast, Jake didn’t hold back and accused Logan of having a tendency to play both sides. The YouTuber-turned-boxer alleged that Logan appeared interested in partnering with Dana White and KSI when it suits him, suggesting that Logan’s actions align with his convenience.

The boxing community predicting a Logan vs Jake Paul fight matchup

Despite their brotherhood, Jake emphasized that when circumstances take a negative turn, Logan tends to isolate himself, creating speculation within the combat sports community about a possible buildup to a fight between the Paul brothers.

“I’m seeing both sides and I’m on Jake’s side with this. The way Logan says stop overthinking is like the government telling us stop thinking about what’s really going on around you so I can control you.” De Andre Evan said.


“BRO LITERALLY. Logan was exhausted after his match. So he’s not gonna be full of energy. But he was still there rooting for his brother.” another user commented.

Vladi is expecting a fight between the Paul brothers as he said,” This is a genius plot to start building up the eventual fight vs each other that will get hella PPV’s. Obvious… It’ll slowly move to them beefin hard – Jake just asked Dillon to train him for the fight against Logan too.”

“I reckon they are pumping up the fake internal “beef” so they can announce a fight against each other and sell it out, break pay per view records.” Hamza Habib said.

James Austin is thinking whether Logan was drunk that night as he said, “Fair point he was also drinking so dude was tired and drunk and he wasn’t allowed to bring prime energy in the building so of course he’s dead tired.”

“Logan obviously went just for the good pr of saying he did, reason he kept his wwe gear on instead of changing on the plane or anywhere lmao.” another user said.

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