Brittany Mahomes shares fractured back experience during family trip

Over an entire NFL season, the star athletes have to stay away from their families and toil away in harsh conditions for the success of their respective franchises. After all those weeks of hard work, they get a short period of time at the end of every season to spend some time with their loved ones and catch up on lost time.

For Patrick and Brittany Mahomes, this offseason was a particularly significant one, as Pat had just won the Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs. However, luck had something bad in store for Brittany, as she revealed later.

Brittany Mahomes opens up about pelvic floor care

Brittany Mahomes was among the most popular women on the sidelines in the entire NFL community until a certain Taylor Swift upstaged her. However, the arrival of Taylor Swift in the Kansas City Chiefs fanbase has ultimately resulted in Brittany gaining a massive amount of followers, which she caters to daily via her Instagram stories.

In one such story, she talked about her problems with her pelvic floor and a chronic bad back. The couple is on vacation in Mexico during the offseason and is looking to make the most of this time together. However, her injury might turn out to be a dampener in the proceedings.

According to Yahoo Sports, she said wrote in her Instagram post, “Just a daily reminder: Once you have kids please take care of your pelvic floor. Seriously. From: A girl with a fractured back,” she signed off the post. Although she did not reveal the exact cause of the pain in her pelvic floor, it was evident that Brittany Mahomes was in considerable discomfort carrying her children around.

Brittany Mahomes’ athletic past

Born and bred in Whitehouse, Texas, Brittany Mahomes —born Brittany Matthews – has overcome the odds to become a successful athlete and entrepreneur. After excelling as a soccer standout in college, she went on to establish her own venture called Brittany Lynne Fitness. She helps those looking for guided fitness journeys by providing personalized workout regimes through her enterprise.

Having done well in soccer during her time at college, she proceeded to open up her own business, Brittany Lynne Fitness. This company provides customized exercise programs with bespoke training regimens for customers who want supervised fitness routes.

Expanding her horizons, Mahomes ventured into sports team ownership, co-founding the Kansas City Current. The National Women’s Soccer League welcomed this expansion team in 2021 when Brittany and her husband took co-ownership responsibilities.

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