Brutal “dude LeBron James would actually eat him up” response follows UFC fighter’s audacious statement

In a hypothetical fight between LeBron James and Bobby Green, one would definitely emerge the winner of such a contest involving two heavyweights in their respective sport. LeBron has earned the crown ‘King’ from his NBA fans over the years but now seems to have been challenged by a self-acclaimed King in the UFC.

Recently, UFC fighter Bobby Green made a bold statement that involved the NBA superstar that has since gone viral. It seems LeBron has been challenged in the arena of a sport that is not his forte.

UFC fighter launches bold statement on King James

UFC lightweight fighter Bobby Green has always been a bit of a trash-talker. He took it up a notch when he discussed his chances in a fight against NBA superstar LeBron James during a TMZ interview. The UFC fighter claims he would ‘wax’ the NBA legend in a faceoff saying, “He doesn’t have the skills”.

In an extensive interview with TMZ, he said, “If LeBron wanted to fight with me, it wouldn’t be close.” Green continued, “He’s a big dude but he doesn’t have the skills I’m sorry. Skills pay the bills, sir.”

Bobby, who’s been in the fight game since 2008, boldly proclaimed himself as the “King” of the UFC, much like LeBron’s “King” in the NBA. While Green is undeniably one of the top fighters in his weight class, boasting a record of 30-14-1, it’s hard to argue that he shares the same level of fame and significance as LeBron James, who is one of the most globally recognized athletes and one the greatest in the NBA.

LeBron James
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However, looking at this imaginary fight, Green might have a point when he suggests that LeBron wouldn’t stand a chance in a one-on-one fight. However, it’s doubtful that LeBron would even consider such a match, given his impeccable reputation throughout his 20-year career in the league.

LeBron James’ supporters reject UFC fighter’s provocative statement

LeBron James, one of the NBA’s greatest players, has always been open to taking on new challenges in different sports. However, it would be difficult to think LeBron James would engage in any fight with anyone considering his records in the NBA. However, his supporters have different views as to what the UFC Green is thinking.

One of LeBron James’ fans who saw the tweet replied with the caption “Dude Lebron would actually eat him up”

Following the comment by Bobby Green, another LeBron supporter disagreed with what the UFC fighter comparing their both sizes, “I dont think so. King Lebron has the size advantage and can jump high with quick reflex. I think King Lebron James can fight this guy and win!”

This fan didn’t waste more words and wrote, “stop it”.

This bold statement by Bobby has generated heat around the globe, especially from LeBron James’ supporters who wouldn’t want this imaginary fight to come to reality. However, Bobby may have made this comment to challenge LeBron James’ dominance in the NBA.

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