Caleb Williams NFL draft: QB’s camp “don’t want to be painted as anti-Bears” following recent speculations

After ending a notable career with the Trojans, Caleb Williams declared for the 2024 draft last month. Nevertheless, before entering the NFL, the college star started to make waves by stating a hefty demand equivalent to the New York Jet’s star Aaron Rodgers. 

Recent rumors have circulated suggesting that Caleb Williams, the potential No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, harbors a reluctance to play for the Chicago Bears, which prompted his camp to come out with clarification. 

Caleb Williams camp responds to “anti-Bears” speculations

Caleb Williams’ camp has promptly rebutted the allegations regarding his attitude towards playing in Chicago, rejecting any notion of anti-Bear sentiment.

Colin Cowherd, in his show “The Herd Live,” initially sparked the controversy by asserting that Williams had reservations about joining the Bears. In response, Williams’ camp reached out to Cowherd to clarify their stance.

“I got a call from the Caleb Williams camp, and they went, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Colin, we don’t want to be painted as anti-Chicago, and we don’t want to be painted as anti-Bear,” Cowherd revealed.

Prior to that, Cowherd suggested that there’s a possibility of a trade between Washington and Chicago, as Williams and his team expressed a desire to avoid joining the Bears.

“I do think it’s possible that Washington trades up and Chicago allows Washington to trade up. Because Caleb and his group do not want to go to Chicago.”

While the Chicago Bears are still in the process of deciding their quarterback direction, widespread speculation suggests they might choose Williams with the first overall pick. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, however, reported that Williams is entering the draft process with excitement, indicating a willingness to play for any team that selects him, including the Bears.

 Bears GM warned about passing on Caleb Williams

Brenden Rice, son of NFL legend Jerry Rice, has declared for the draft ahead of his college quarterback, Caleb Williams. Rice, who spent the past two seasons at USC as one of Williams’ favorite targets, is making headlines not just for his decision to enter the draft but also for a stern warning he issued to Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles.

Rice’s declaration comes with a stern warning for Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles. In an interview with the Sun-Times at the Senior Bowl, Rice didn’t mince words, stating that passing on Williams could result in Poles losing his job. He expressed pride in his quarterback and emphasized the consequences of underestimating Williams’ talent.

“If you can risk [not picking him] and picking apart his game and letting him fall, have fun losing your job, man. Honestly, have fun. I’m proud of my quarterback.”

Poles, who inherited Justin Fields when he took over as GM in 2022, faces a crucial decision, with Williams potentially being his first quarterback selection. The prolonged losing streak of the Bears has raised concerns about the legacy of Fields and Poles’ job security.

Even amid these concerns, Bears fans continue to stand firmly behind Fields as the team’s quarterback for the upcoming season.

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