Can Paul Pogba make early comeback from 4-year ban after ex-France team-mate brings new information to light?

The world of soccer has seen a lot of soccer superstars throw away their careers. Many stars, such as Eden Hazard and Gareth Bale, were often touted to do great things, but have not lived up to expectations. Paul Pogba is one of them, and his career has taken a twist that no one ever saw coming.

The French midfielder was tested for drugs in his system, and it was found he had taken an illegal substance. This led to his being given a harsh 4 year ban from playing soccer. But a former teammate has come to back him.

Former France teammate Paul Pogba claims

After Paul Pogba was banned from soccer due to taking performance enhancing drugs, many have come to either criticize or back him. One of his well wishers is his former French national teammate, Rio Mavuba, who still believes in Paul. The player had said that he never took any drugs willingly and Mavuba has supported that statement.

Mavuba has said that Pogba may have been tricked into taking the drug, “I am in no doubt about Paulā€™s sincerity and I think he may have been somewhat tricked too.” The two had played together at the 2014 World Cup, and know each other quite well. It is possible that the midfielder was given the drug by someone close to him or by someone from his club Juventus, but there is no indication of that so far.

Pogba had taken a drug test in August, which he failed. He was given a provisional ban and after another test, it was found that a banned substance named DHEA was found in his system. The drug is known to boost testosterone levels and help players gain an unfair advantage on the pitch. He was immediately handed a 4 year ban by the Italian Anti Doping Organization.

Can Paul Pogba return early from 4-year ban?

Paul Pogba will turn 31 in the current month, and if the four years of the ban are enforced will become 35 by the time he returns. This could mean an early retirement for the player, though he could still come back earlier if possible.

The Juventus midfielder is also in danger of having his contract terminated by his club. Pogba is also going to appeal his case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland. It is possible that they may reduce the timing of his ban or not. If that is done, he could come back earlier, though it is unsure how much time could be reduced if even possible.

Paul Pogba
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Another alternative has been presented to the French star in recent days. He was given an offer from Broke Boys, a team that plays in the Media Football League. It is a celebrity league in Russia, though Pogba is said to have refused that offer already.

It will be very difficult for the player to resume his career at the age of 35, and if so he may have to retire from the sport early. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether Paul Pogba can make a comeback to soccer once again.

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