Celtics’ Jaylen Brown addresses wrist injury as team clinches new regular season record with win vs OKC Thunder

After the Celtics lost back-to-back games against the Hawks last month, a lot of questions were raised regarding their championship credentials. But they proved themselves again, needlessly, in all fairness, to smash another NBA record.

But amidst the big night’s celebration, there was a thread of uncertainty. Jaylen Brown was the reason behind it, as he looked short of his best in recent games, and now we know the reason. Talking about his current physical condition, Jaylen Brown offered more transparency to the situation.

Celtics’ Jaylen Brown speaks out on his wrist injury

Jaylen Brown opened up about the pre-existing wrist injury that seemed to have bugged him while they were up against the OKC Thunder.

In the post-game press meet, the 3-time All-Star was asked to share an update on his wrist injury, to which Brown said, “I think I got a sprain or a strain in a ligament in my hand, but I think it’s fine”.

Emphasizing that the injury wasn’t concerning, the Celtics’ star added, “It’s something I’m not concerned with moving forward. It bothered me a little bit tonight, but part of it is working through it, playing through it, it gives you a little bit more information down the line if things were to get any worse, but I think it’s nothing to be concerned about.”.

During the Celtics’ clash against the New Orleans Pelicans, Boston’s loyal Jaylen Brown dived to steal the ball but ended up hurting his left wrist. Much to everyone’s surprise, the 27-year-old played through the night and gathered 17 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 assists. However, he missed the next game against the Charlotte Hornets due to an injury.

With Brown’s return tonight against OKC, the Eastern toppers dominated the game and extended their winning streak to three games, along with a new NBA record.

Celtics secured the top NBA record vs OKC Thunder

With absolute supremacy on the court, the Celtics have shown why they have the joint-highest number of NBA championship trophies.

The Celtics put up 30 or more points in all four quarters and finished with a 135-100 victory, setting a 60-16 record, which is the best in the league. Kristaps Porzingis led the team with 27 points, 12 rebounds, 4 assists, 5 blocks, and a steal. Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum chipped in 23 and 24 points, snagging 7 rebounds each.

Following a dominating first half, the Celtics entered the third quarter with a 14-point lead. With high defense, the home-court team managed to hold OKC by 42-17 in the last quarter and crushed their dreams of winning the game.

The absence of the favorite MVP contender of NBA experts, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Jalen Williams, could be felt as OKC struggled with Josh Giddey’s 17 points, and Chet Holmgren’s 11 points.

The record tonight confirms their home court advantage throughout the play-offs, which will go a long way in achieving that 18th Larry O’Brien trophy.

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